Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Scrapbook - June

Although it wasn't my intention, I've become a once-a-month blogger who only manages to post content that's interesting only to me (and Homer) (and Grandma). The one thing I love about blogging is that I have this journal of my life (part of it, anyway) that allows me to go back and reminisce about the little things we did, places we visited and things the kids said. So, until I can find more time to get back to some writing, I present our June scrapbook:

June started out with the winter activities (Brownies, dance, school, etc.) ending while the summer activities were shifting into high gear.

Here are the kids in their soccer uniforms on Super Soccer Saturday. The faces were entirely their idea:

June also brought school picnics and fun fairs. Of course the fairs for the big guys and Maggie were on the same night, which meant we were flying, as usual.

Yes, it is mid-June here and we're still wearing jackets and tights.

Lisa won the grand prize at the fun fair: a new bike! It's too big for her, but it will likely be perfect for her next year. She was kind of hilarious; not one for much attention, she couldn't get away from that fun fair fast enough! All those people offering their congratulations was making her skin crawl.

Fathers Day also falls in June. Homer was invited to Bart's school for a pool party and pizza. On Mothers day we got tea. Hmph. Do you like the tie Bart made for dad? That brings Homer's tie count to 3.

We also had a Fathers Day bbq at my parents' house, where my cousin pointed out that my mom had pictures of all the grandchildren in her bay window, except Maggie(!). Because she didn't have room for another picture frame, she requested that we try to get a good picture with Maggie and Baby S. together.

Just down from Maggie's daycare centre is a frozen yogurt place with umbrella tables outside. Maggie asks every day if we can go there, so on the first sunny day when we didn't have to rush to soccer, a fun fair or some other obligation, we went. I let her pick whatever she wanted and she was thrilled. She ate that whole cone!

To celebrate the last day of school/the first day of summer vacation, we picked up a bucket of chicken for a picnic at the lakefront park last Friday night. When we got there, we discovered a small fair was set up. After the picnic, we ventured over, bought some tickets and let the kids ride whatever they wanted.
I haven't seen one of these potato sack slides since I was a little kid.

We ended the evening with a treat from the ice cream truck by the lake.

When we were walking back to the car, Bart asked, "Was that Marineland?" Yes, son, it was.