Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where is LoriD? Here I am...

Oh my.

It seems when things get busy, the first thing to be pushed aside is my blog. Well, the blog and exercise, although I do feel like my 50 trips up and down the stairs each morning, my multiple laps around the campus going to meetings and my stomach crunches while holding back my sarcasm at some of those meetings must count for something. Regardless, I think I’ll start the C25K next week (probably somewhere around the week 3 or 4 mark of the program).

Tonight we’re going to Lisa’s first Orchestra performance. She started violin lessons back in September and tonight there’s a big concert at a huge concert hall downtown. She’s excited and nervous. I think this will be her first and last year playing violin. She has caught onto the reading of the music very quickly, easily playing the songs on the piano once she was shown the location of Middle C. However, I don’t like her teacher (she’s one of those people who smiles while saying mean, snippy things) and Lisa isn’t that keen on the instrument itself. Next year, we’ll try either piano or guitar. My vote is for guitar, even though I play the piano.

Bart started Karate about a month ago. It’s adorable. I really like the program he’s in and I think it’s hilarious how seriously he takes the “character building” lessons. At school he’s practicing his dance for the part his class has in the Opera (for which Lisa has a lead role). He’s playing a bat. In two years all three of my kids will be in the same production (they start performing in grade 1; in kindergarten they participate by being a good audience).

Maggie is still 4-going-on-18. She’ll tell me stories about kids at school who fail to follow the rules and act like “lunatics”. She rats out her siblings for “leaving their crap all over the floor”. We still have daily battles about what she will wear (still no pants and now no skorts), how she will wear her hair (two braids, straight with a SOFT hairband or one ponytail – not too high or too low – are our current options). She’d be quite entertaining if it weren’t so exhausting!

What else? Oh, I made a bed. Like, I constructed a bed out of wood and nails and screws and paint and it looks like a bed and will soon be part of Lisa’s new tween bedroom. I’ll take pictures at some point and show you.

I feel like there should be more to update, but I guess I purged most of it to make room for… I don’t know… something.