Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry merry. Happy happy.

Well hey there. How rude of me to write a post about feeling much darkness, then checking out for a few weeks. I’m fine, we’re all fine. I appreciate the concern. I hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday season.

I have been super busy, even though I’ve been off work since December 12th and I don’t return until January 5th. Sweet.

So, since I last updated...
We’ve had a birthday (8 – gulp)...

.... and a birthday party (Pop Star Karaoke theme):

We’ve had a lot of snow:

Christmas was in there somewhere:

And, just the normal goings-on at Casa Simpson:

Coming up this week... shopping for appliances. Fun, right? My oven died this week (I had to take those ducky cookies to my mom's to bake) and my washing machine has been in bad shape for awhile. I could just call a repair shop, but they’re both more than 12 years old, so I think we’re better off with new (SHINY) models. Of course a shiny range requires a matching shiny fridge, so if we can swing it, that will be in the shopping cart too.
Happy New Year to all my bloggy friends! See you in 2009!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Bart had some surgery yesterday. The surgery itself was not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but he had to be put to sleep. The ‘putting to sleep’ part has had me freaked out for several months, ever since I was told that would happen.

On the weekend, my mind was consumed with dark thoughts. I found myself studying his face, his smile, his gestures. I had a heightened appreciation for his energy and sense of humour. On Monday night, I didn’t sleep at all. The darkness was overwhelming. When a very sleepy Bart appeared at my bedside at 2AM, I pulled him into bed with me, held him and stroked his hair.

For more than two hours in the waiting room, I aimlessly flipped through years-old magazines. I couldn’t tell you what was in even one of them. I know I had a conversation or two with Homer. Again, no recollection of what we talked about.

This morning, Bart was bouncing off the walls. He thinks he went to sleep to get his superhero powers installed. He was going around the house giving everyone “Hot Fire” to make them do things for him. He’s back and he’s fine.

I am so grateful to be out of that darkness.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cookies and Crafts! - Edited

The kids are doing a bake and craft sale at school. I don't buy most of the fundraising crap they bring home, and I don't have time to volunteer for things, so this is how I contribute.

I made 30 of these: Cinnamon ornaments

And 16 of these: Sled ornaments

And 3 dozen sugar cookies:

The stockings say "Naughty" or "Nice"

My work here is done.
Edited to add:

1. Sugar cookie recipe

2. Royal Icing recipe

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bad date

I usually do my grocery shopping at 8:00 AM on Sunday. I often have a kid or two with me, but it’s still relaxing because it’s usually just me and a few senior citizens in the store at that hour. Other events prevented me from getting there on this past Sunday morning and I had to go in the afternoon instead.

Both Bart and Maggie insisted on coming with me, so off the three of us went, list and bags in hand. At the first store (my usual store), the aisles were a little crowded, but not too bad. They were out of several of the sale items I had on my list, which put me in a bad mood. The line-up at the cash register wasn’t too bad, but the kids were misbehaving when it came time to bag the items (just goofing around, getting in other shoppers’ ways, etc.), which worsened my mood.

At the next store (across the street from the first store), I grabbed a cart and made both Bart and Maggie sit in it. The store was crowded beyond belief and I kind of hate this store anyway for its small aisles. After putting one item in my cart and getting bumped several times by carts and people, I finally said to the kids: “mommy has to get out of here or she’s going to snap.” I got a sideways glance and a smirk from a lady in the aisle. I plucked the kids out and left the cart right there in the aisle (adding to the congestion problem, I know, but I really was going to snap).

There were a few things I had to get before returning home, so I tried the Zellers next door. Apparently Sunday is the day to pull out boxes, leave them in the middle of the aisle and walk away. It’s also the day to use only three of the 16 available cash registers. After fighting with the aisles, I couldn’t face the line-ups at the cash register to buy 3 measly little items. For the second time in 20 minutes, I gathered up the kids, left the cart in the aisle and walked out empty-handed. Bart asked, “Why do we just keep leaving carts in stores?”

I got home and was so flustered that Homer didn’t even question the $40 in groceries I had managed to buy in the 2 hours I was out. It's only Wednesday and we're out of cereal, out of cheese and low on bread and milk. Needless to say, I have an 8:00 AM date with Food Basics this Sunday.