Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well of course I didn't get my act together yesterday. SO, one day late, here are pictures of all three kids at age 3:

Lisa - almost 5 years ago

Bart - 2 years ago

Maggie - yesterday!

Can you say HAIR? They don't get that from me. *pout*

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh look... another random list.

How did it get to be Tuesday again so soon? One of these days I'll post something organized and coherent... but not today! A few random items:

Friday night for Bart and Homer was spent in the ER. Bart split his chin on the monkey bars just before we picked him up from the babysitter's house. After waiting for almost three hours, they simply cleaned the wound and glued it shut. One minute of care. Next time, I'm buying a tube of Krazy Glue and calling it a day. While the boys were at the hospital, I fed the girls and cleaned the whole main floor, including washing down the walls and doors. Cleaning is my form of pacing, it seems.

Homer spent the rest of the weekend sick in bed. He is a terrible sick person. He moans and complains and demands. If he's awake he's grumpy, snapping at everyone to be quiet and stop bugging him. If you call him on it he says "I'M SICK!" Duh. He's much better today, which is good news for all of us.

In a very uncharacteristic move, I bought a Pashmina shawl. I KNOW! I'm not one to accessorize much, but everyone around here is wearing scarves, shawls, etc. so I bought one for my friend who I thought could totally pull off the trend. The one I bought is a teal green colour and when I was showing another friend, she convinced me to keep it for myself. So I did. The first time I ventured out in it, Homer asked me why I was wearing a tablecloth, but he's mean that way.

Lisa and I are off to the Opera tonight. You may remember that she performed in her school's production of The Magic Flute last spring. Tonight is the dress rehearsal for a professional opera company's version of the play and they gave Lisa's school access to tickets for only $5 each. She's pretty excited, especially because it ends at 10:30, which is way WAY past her bedtime. On a school night.

Friday is Halloween, which of course means Halloween parties at school. Lisa's teacher sent a note requesting healthy contributions to the snack table (e.g. fruit, veggies and dip, pretzels). Bart's teacher's note said that the children should bring their own healthy snack and then would be allowed to pick one treat from the snack table. Anything left over would be sent home with the children in baggies. Is it just me, or does this suck? Halloween is not supposed to be healthy. What's next, raisins in their treat bags? I think a better solution to cut down on the potential gluttony is to ask parents to only send enough treats for about 5 kids. That way there wouldn't be so many options on the table, but it would still be more fun than veggies and dip. By the way, I'm sending them with Rice Krispies squares. I'm such a rebel.

Tomorrow is Maggie's birthday. If I can get my act together, I'm going to post pictures of all three kids at age 3. *sniff*

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday night timeline

Tuesday nights are a little crazy at our house. Bart has Beavers and Lisa has Brownies. They both start at 6:30 in different places, so getting them there is always kind of fun. Here’s how it all went down last night:

5:45 – Arrive home from work after picking up Maggie from daycare and Bart and Lisa from the babysitter’s. Start to get dinner ready while Bart and Lisa change into their uniforms.

5:55 – Maggie announces that she has had an accident. Take her upstairs to change her pants.

6:00 – Dinner is on the table. I set the timer for 10 minutes and tell the kids to EAT!

6:10 – Timer goes. Bart and Lisa spring into action (ha!) brushing teeth and washing faces. They put on their coats and shoes. Homer arrives home in the nick of time.

6:15 – I’m out the door with Bart and Lisa. Bart is still eating some of his dinner.

6:25 – Arrive at Brownies with Lisa. Confirm that there is adequate supervision and fly back to the car with Bart.

6:30 – Arrive at Beavers with Bart. Drop him off with his popcorn money and pumpkin-carving tools in hand. Chat briefly with my friend who is dropping off her Beaver.

6:40 – Stop in at the Dollar Store to get some Halloween decorations. The same friend is there doing the same thing.

6:55 – Arrive home to put up the decorations – a surprise for Bart and Lisa when they come home.

7:20 – Back in the car to pick up Bart.

7:30 – Pick up Bart at Beavers. He has carved a little pumpkin. I’m told it has an “invisible mouth”.

7:40 – Back home with Bart. I quickly help him put on his jammies.

7:45 – Back in the car. Homer wanted me to pick up a couple of things from the grocery store.

7:50 – Arrive at the grocery store – fly through and grab what I need.

8:00 – Pick up Lisa (and cookies!) at Brownies.

8:10 – Back home with Lisa.

8:30 – All three kids are in bed, heading toward sleepytown.

What did Homer do in this time? I’m glad you asked. He put on Dora for Maggie and had a little nap. But guess what? Next week, it’s his turn to do the driving!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Me. Me.

After a rather chilly non-weekend of chauffeuring kids to dance lessons and birthday parties, hocking apples with Bart, baking, raking and cleaning, I'm glad to have a post topic handed to me by Astarte. Do you read The Muddled Sage? If not, you really should. She has a lovely writing style and a humorous outlook on life. So anyway, Astarte tagged me for a meme. The deal is that I need to tell you six things about myself that may be news to you. I know, you're quivering in anticipation. Me too.

1. I am embarrassingly anti-social. I don't have social anxiety or anything; I would just much rather spend an evening at home with my family than go to a club or a dinner party or other such event that should be fun. It pains me to be offered tickets to a game or concert.

2. I love to watch TV, but I never seem to be watching the shows everyone else is watching. I have never seen SYTYCD, Survivor or any one of the CSI's. Shows I'm currently PVR'ing are: The Mentalist, Dexter, Entourage, Life on Mars, Pushing Daisies and My Own Worst Enemy. I also like medical shows like Dr. G., Medical Mysteries and Big Medicine, but I don't record those ones.

3. I don't have a cell phone. I've probably mentioned that before, but people always just assume everyone has one, so it's worth repeating. I had a cell phone when I was pregnant with Bart (I have *fast* labours, so I need to be able to communicate quickly). About 2 weeks before he was born I got a flat tire and my cell phone didn't work. Instead of putting through my call, they put me through to Accounts Receivable, who said my bill hadn't been paid (which I found out after waiting on hold for 1/2 hour). I explained that I was 9 months pregnant and stranded at the side of the road and that the bill had been paid. She didn't care/didn't believe me. A kind stranger helped me with the tire and I sorted it out the next day. They had applied my payment to Homer's bill (their mistake). When I finally spoke to a manager, I was released from my 3-year contract on threat that I would take my big pregnant self to the local TV station and tell them my story (I kept it for just one more month, just until his due date). I love pregnancy hormones, but not cell phones.

4. I'm not overweight. The way I talk on here sometimes about finding new work outs, obsessing about fiber and fat, you might get the impression that I am. But, I'm 5'6, 125-ish lbs and wear a size 4. I do, however, have an extremely poor body image (the reason pictures of me on this site are rare), so I just ordered the 30 Day Shred - not to lose weight per se, but to tone up and look better.

5. I can't ice skate. Well, I can skate a little, but not well enough to skate with a child that's learning to skate. I actually took adult skating lessons in my early 20's, but they really didn't help me much. I think it's just a lack of confidence and cheap skates. I'm a cheap skate. Hee.

6. I'm pretty clumsy. I have scars all over my arms and legs from falls, burns, tumbles and literally running into stationary items. Just this weekend, I burned myself with a cookie sheet (on my elbow - think about that) and stubbed my toe on a door frame.

So how about you? I've read this meme a few places, so if you haven't done it yet consider yourself tagged (but only six of you! Those are the rules!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Close call

I arrived at work today to a flurry of activity and police tape blocking off a large section of my building. Just moments before I arrived, a large piece of glass (3’ x 4’) that formed part of a railing fell from the second level into a large open space on the main level.

Three things prevented someone from getting killed by this mishap:

1. It was 8:15 AM, about 10 minutes before a lot of staff pour through the area and about an hour before the area becomes populated by students.

2. It is Friday. Thursday night is pub night, so Friday mornings are always a little quieter than other days of the week.

3. This weekend is Homecoming, so the area, normally bustling with fairs, vendors, speakers and fundraisers, was empty in preparation for a large set-up.

Whew. After I get the other 500 pieces of glass inspected, I’ll be ready for a couple of days off.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Longing for more long weekends.

We had a really great long weekend. The weather was beautiful, the kids were well-behaved and the meals were awesome. We got in lots of outdoor time, lots of family time (thanks in part to my gift to Homer: Mario Kart for the Wii - FUN!)

After planning and executing a nice birthday for Homer on Saturday and then cooking and baking all day on Sunday for a nice Thanksgiving meal, I declared that on Monday I would "do nothing". As it turned out, "do nothing" included doing a craft with the kids, going to the field to play soccer, going on a hike through the nearby woods, baking some whole wheat cinnamon bread, playing Mario Kart and reading individually with each of the kids. And it was great. The kids were bathed, in bed and sleeping like angels by 8:30, leaving me lots of "me"time (with Homer, of course).

The thing about long weekends is that I have a lot of time to think and dream about the way things could be. I've said before that I like working. I do. But, working full-time while managing a home life with three kids, trying to keep some order in the house and offering healthy meals isn't always easy. In addition, I have parents and extended family that I like to see regularly, I have friends that are important to me and every once in awhile it's nice to have some time to myself. The ultimate solution is to win the lottery. Then, I can start my own charitable organization, set my own (reduced) hours and have all the time I need for myself and my family. Since Option A is a tad unrealistic, I'm dreaming about Option B, which would have me working my own job on a reduced schedule. One extra day off a week would make such a difference. Can I swing it? Sigh. I just don't know.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Gobble Gobble!

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend here in the True North, Strong and Free. Why do we celebrate a full six weeks before our American counterparts? I’m sure somebody knows, but I don’t even have enough ambition in the matter to Google it. Let’s just say we celebrate earlier because our harvest comes earlier. Makes sense.

Canadian and American Thanksgiving celebrations are similar in many ways, but different in a couple of ways too.


1. The holiday is centred around family and giving thanks for our blessings. For a lot of families, there are two or three celebrations over the course of the weekend.

2. Our traditional meal includes turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. In our family, it also includes Broccoli Casserole. We do our meals potluck and someone responsible is always in charge of the BC, lest we have a repeat of ThanksgivingGate 1993.

3. We have football too. It’s the Canadian Football League playing two games on Monday afternoon. That’s half the league playing on one day. Special. Also, sucky for the football players and their families.


1. Thanksgiving Day is actually a Monday, not a Thursday.

2. Christmas isn’t really on the radar yet for most of us… we still have to get through Hallowe’en in a few weeks. So, we don’t put out our plastic Santa’s and twinkling lights, we don’t line up at Macy’s for the Thanksgiving Weekend door crashers. In fact, most of the stores will be closed on Monday.

I’d have to say that Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. There are no expectations, except a good meal and nice company. Unlike most other holidays, it’s not kid-centric. There’s no shopping, no wrapping, no cartoon icons.

Homer’s birthday is also this weekend (tomorrow). Homer’s birthday is the complete opposite of Thanksgiving – he wants to Do Things! and Go Places! and Be Entertained! and Get Great Gifts! He’s very much a child that way. But, I think he’ll enjoy our plans, so it's all good.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Understanding the grown-up world

Last week I won some passes to meet Abby Cadabby and Elmo and then view their new DVD movie, Abby in Wonderland on the big screen. I won the passes from Ali over at Juice and I was to pick them up at the box office on Saturday morning.

As it turns out, the box office was closed, so when I saw Ali, I went over, introduced myself and received the tickets.

As we were climbing the escalator to the theatre, Lisa looked up at me and asked, "Is Ali your friend?"

"Not really," I said, "she's someone I know from the computer."

Brief pause for processing.

"How can you know someone from the computer?" she finally asked.

"It's kind of like Webkinz for grown-ups."



"So, did you adopt her?"

Bonus picture of Maggie enjoying her first movie theatre experience. She liked it!