Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Me, change and a birth story.

Well, you guys are awesome. I felt so much better yesterday reading your supportive and helpful comments. So, thanks.

A very wise woman suggested that it might just be the prospect of change that had me feeling uneasy and that is the same conclusion I had reached by the end of the day myself. I don’t personally have a problem embracing change for myself, but I hate imposing change on my kids. I remember when Lisa was in Jr. Kindergarten and I got a phone call that they were starting a new JK class and that Lisa would be moved to that class. Her best friend would not be moving. I was devastated, feeling sick and swoony and wondering how I could possibly break the news to my child, who was still only 3 years old! Well she, of course, was fine and the whole thing was fine, as will be this new daycare situation.

BUT, an aversion to change isn’t the only thing at work here. Part of it is that, it’s Bart. If you haven’t figured it our from this, or this, or this, or this… Bart is my special little guy. He’s sweet and funny and lives in his own magical little world. I’m overprotective of him, not because I think he’s weak or over-sensitive, but because I think that sometimes the rest of the world doesn’t really understand him. He’s not odd, by any means, but he is unconventional, carefree and a little theatrical, which is different than most of the boys around. It’s not his fault… he was born that way. I thought it might be fun to share his birth story. Don’t worry, it’s short and maybe even a little exciting:

May 28, 2003 (three weeks before expected due date)

5:45 PM – Lisa and I pick up Homer from the train. We decide to stop at the shopping plaza on the way home for a couple of things.

6:00 PM – Drop Homer off at the Wal-Mart door. I’ll find a parking spot and take Lisa with me to the drug store.

6:05 PM – Lift Lisa out of the car seat. My water breaks. Try to call Homer on his cell, which is obviously off.

6:10 PM – Tie my jacket around my waist (because my pants are soaked) and haul Lisa into Wal-Mart, where I ask them to page Homer.

6:15 PM – We’re back in the car heading home.

6:25 PM – We’re back home and I call the hospital. Because my contractions haven’t started yet, they advise me to have a shower, have some dinner and then come in for an assessment.

6:30 PM – After a very brief discussion, Homer and I agree that I should just change my clothes and head to the hospital. He calls the babysitter to let her know we’re on our way.

6:40 PM – We’re back in the car. I’m driving (another story for another day).

6:50 PM – I feel my first contraction. Homer times it. 27 seconds apart. That can’t be right. This time it’s 23 seconds apart.

6:55 PM – We arrive at the babysitters and pretty much throw Lisa out of the car. I can’t drive anymore, so Homer takes over.

7:05 PM – Arrive at Labour & Delivery Ward. They’re surprised to see me, but understand when they see how close my contractions are. I quickly change into a gown and they put me in an assessment room with a medical student.

7:10 PM – The medical student is screaming DON’T PUSH and there’s a lot of frantic activity in the area. A grown-up nurse arrives.

7:12 PM – Bart is born. 9 lbs, 10 oz. 22 inches long.

We were a bit of a novelty on the maternity ward… “oh you’re the one that almost didn’t make it!”


Laural Dawn said...

Holy crap!
You are lucky. I only wish. And, I'm glad you have some peace about the whole situation.
By the way, when your child is only 4, overprotective is GOOD.

Jess said...

This story is awesome. That's the fastest birth ever. I'm so impressed. Also, I'm glad you're feeling a little better about the new daycare situation.

Family Adventure said...

OMG! 9 pounds 10 inches and he was three weeks early? No wonder you LOVE him! Ouch! That and the fact that he only let you labour for 22 minutes. That's a great birth story.



Tessie said...

I love this! I was giddy with excitement!

I had all kind of people screaming at me to NOT PUSH too, but I literally did not have a choice.

Banana said...

I love this story. He was just ready to come into the world!

Welcome to our World said...

I love a good birth story... they ALWAYS ALWAYS choke me up and bring tears to my eyes! TY!!

Swistle said...

I collect fast, surprising birth stories. I'll think of yours again and again over the years. (Hm. Does that sound a little creepy? It's not supposed to be creepy.) GOOD STUFF.

Misty said...

If the dad-gum doctors would quit inducing me, I think this is how my labors would go. Since they are lickety-split quick with the drugs.

I could be wrong.

Jeez, girl. You really almost didn't make it!

K in the Mirror said...

People screamed at me to not push when I was having my Luke also. What a great story! :)

LoriD said...

tessie & k - I know, what is that with the don't push? Did we really have a choice in the matter?

Sara said...

I love it! I was a bit slower than that with Cait, but she basically fell out as soon as we got to the hospital. I love a good birth story!

Amreen said...

what an amazing story! i'm pregnant with my third, and your issues re "coping with change" really resonate with me. I'm terrified that this new (and unexpected)addition to our family is somehow going to affect the delicate balance of my current nuclear family set up....others have assured me it will be fine, but my fears are still very active.

Nowheymama said...

Is is weird that I'm jealous? First labor: 36 hours. Second labor: 18 hours. Maybe number three will be just nine hours!

Also, great fall photos.