Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Boys will be boys

I work at a university in a job where I observe daily the fundamental differences between then behaviour of boys and girls (yes, by the time they're here, they are men and women...)

Someone is shaking the pop machine - it's a boy or two.

Someone stole a chair - it's a boy.
A group of people are playing hacky sack in the corridor. Yep - boys.

Boys are loud, rough, messy; they pee wherever they want and they think they are being cute when they apologize with a wink or try to get around a rule with a dimply smile. Boys seem to have an extra gene in them that drives them to see what they can get away with. What's a mother to do?

I thought my sweet little boy would be different. I wouldn't allow the rough play, wouldn't expose him to violent TV programs or games. I would teach him to be courteous and respectful. I wouldn't treat him any differently than his older sister, who was my perfect little angel.

So, where did he learn to do a ninja kick? Why does he think it's okay to climb over the top of the banister, teetering precariously? Why is he running, jumping, kicking and jumping every waking hour? And what in the world possessed him to do this acrobatic move in the bathtub?
For the funniest post you'll read today, check out Swistle. I'm still laughing at the last line.


Haley-O said...

OY! Soooooo adorable! That's one CRAZAY bathtub trick!! (you have your hands full, don't you, Lor!?):)

Swistle said...

It's the same at our house. Where did they learn to make themselves burp on purpose? Where did they learn it was funny to pull down their pants and moon each other? Where did they learn to make GUNS out of things?

Thanks for the link love!

Tessie said...

So, is this like borderline creepy getting comments on old posts, or what? Thought I should start from the beginning this morning, since on this Friday before a holiday weekend my motivation at work is somewhere between "shut up" and "leave me alone".

I just have to say...YOU SAID POP! I love it! Oh how I miss the word "pop". I'm a Minnesotan (practically southern Canada) originally but now I live in *sigh* TEXAS.