Monday, April 9, 2007

The Long Weekend

It's so nice to have a long weekend. So nice that I really want to change my work schedule so that every weekend is a long weekend. But wait! I don't have to... starting next month, we go on summer hours (remember university days when summer started in May?) That means that I'll leave work at 1:00 PM on Fridays. Unlike other years, I'm not going to feel like I need to rush home and relieve the babysitter of the kids. This year, I'm going to go for a run, do my grocery shopping and other errands and enjoy some "me" time so that the rest of the weekend is more relaxed for everyone. I can't wait.

The past weekend was fun. On Friday, we took the kids to an egg hunt and then to Niagara Falls for some good family fun. Despite the fact that it was FREEZING, we all had a blast. We did the kids arcade (70 tokens for $20), then Homer took the two bigger kids through a fun house, followed by a treat of their choice (Lisa: cotton candy, Bart: ice cream - ice cream!!!) while we took in the sites of the falls. When we got home, Lisa’s tooth fell out, which led her to declare that this was her "best day ever"!

Saturday was nice with the kids cooperatively helping to tidy up for the Easter Bunny. Then we had a Sunday morning egg hunt at home and then an afternoon hunt at my parents' with the cousins. It took Maggie (17 months) about 2 seconds to figure out the whole put-the-eggs-in-the-basket routine. We're all exhausted today, but it's that good kind of exhausted you get from a really great long weekend.


Haley-O said...

Summer hours! LOVE!! Lucky you! You have to just do...NOTHING on some of those days off, though...promise?

Your daughter is so GORJ! She looks like you! :)

LoriD said...

Oh I wish I looked like her...

It's really hard for me to do nothing... as my husband says, I'll find a room that doesn't need painting if I find myself with nothing to do!