Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We are the Simpsons.

A few weeks ago, Swistle surprised a lot of people by revealing that the kids' names that she uses on her blog are not really her kids' names. In the comments to that post Marie Green shocked even Swistle when she said that her kids also used pseudonyms.
Awhile after that SaLy started a new blog with code names for her kids and herself.
Just yesterday, Misty announced that she had removed any mention of her kids' or husband's names from her past entries, to thwart the "child molesters, stalkers, or serial killers".
Oh my, have I really been that naive?
So it is that I stayed up late last night editing each blog entry to give my kids new names. I thought of using their middle names, a la Swistle, but those would be more revealing than their first names. So now, I would like to introduce you to:

Homer & Marge (aka LoriD).
He loves meat and beer.
She loves her family.

Lisa, who is smart and principled, but not above being silly.

Bart, who can turn anything into a fun time.
And, little Maggie, who is smarter than all of us.


Welcome to our World said...

Sigh... I struggle with this one as well but I guess it is what it is. I try to keep locations and photos that can be used against me to a minimum. It is fine line I understand and I may change things down the road but for now (and mostly because hardly anyone reads my blog!) I will keep things "real".

BUT since I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Simpson I love the correlation!! DOUUUUUUUGHNUTS!

Family Adventure said...

LOL! At least you'll have no problems remembering your names, right? Except...poor Bart. He's not a Bart!!

Heidi :)

Laural Dawn said...

This is a tough one.
I'm actually keeping my blog up probably till I have my baby and then either changing it or starting new.
Similar reasons.
But ... I'm sad you changed the names. I love your kids real names!

Artemisia said...

Blogger identity is so, so tough. Ultimately, I think that some privacy is good. I don't get too paranoid of stalkers (I mean, I am waaaay too boring for a stalker and I don't have any kids to fret over) but I do worry about a co-worker or future employer stumbling across my blog (as totally, totally random as that would be. But still).

I am still trying to come up with a good pseudonym for A. I am bored of "A."

He wants to be called Zarathustra, of Nietzsche's "God is dead." fame. I am still on the fence with that one.

Banana said...

Cutest. pictures. ever.

Jess said...

Oh man. I love the idea of using the Simpsons as code names, but I REALLY love your kids' real names, and I'm just glad I started reading your blog before you gave everyone a pseudonym. I understand why you're doing it, though.

Kristen said...

How appropriate;) My eldest is The Boy (what Homer calls Bart), but that is his real life nickname thanks to Daddy and one of his uncles. It is a bit confusing since we have *3* boys!

JMC said...

I always just went with my kids' initials, though there are pictures in which their names are revealed. Pictures aren't searchable by their content, though (as far as I know).

It's tough to decide what you put out there, weighing risks and whatnot. I try not to be too specific about where I live. My general location can be determined from reading my blog, but I never pinpoint it.

Far worse (I think) is the statistics counter reporting. Just from that, I know where some of my readers are, and even where some work. If I were a bad guy, there are a few people that I would be able to track down.

Swistle said...

Ha ha! You all are WAY too good-looking for those names!

Tessie said...

I love the idea of the Simpsons, although, I, too, loved your kids real names. I understand why you did it, especially since your family doesn't know about your blog.

Every now and then I'll google different stuff having to do with myself and see if my blog comes up. It hasn't yet.

I'm with JMC though, the sitemeter/Analytics stuff shows you PLENTY about people who read your blog, even if they reveal nothing on theirs.

Saly said...

That's true about the sitemeter. I know mine stamps my place of business, but it has a completely wrong city and state so I feel ok.

I do like the new names, and I especially love Maggie's jumper outfit!

Beck said...

You know, we could do the Simpsons thing, too - except my munchkins are nothing, nothing like their Simpsons' counterparts. And I would have to be Homer.
I think the risk posed by using your children's real names online is slim, but I still don't do it....

Misty said...


So cute. And clever! Aren't you guys an adorable bunch? Hmmm, I wonder how many blog hits you are going to get now from folks searching for Simpsons stuff?

mom of the year said...

You are too funny! By the way - gorgeous family!

Anonymous said...

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Jen T said...

That is very clever. I have thought about whether to use real names or not. Maybe I'm naive, but who in the world would weed through all of my posts about ratty furniture to gleem a smidge of info that might be relevant to their sinister plan? I don't know..but your concept is AWESOME! I guess we could be Morticia, Gomez & Pugsly!