Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random stuff.

*We got a $25 gas card from the bank for our troubles on Father’s Day. They also explained that we were treated that way because of our “low rating” with the bank. Why is our rating so low, you ask? Why, it’s because we don’t have a mortgage or credit card with them. So, the fact that both of our paycheques get deposited directly into that account AND we have a large RRSP account AND a few bucks in savings AND we have never bounced a cheque or payment is not good enough because we haven’t accumulated any debt with them. So, just to review: no debt=bad rating; debt=good rating. Uh huh.

*Everyday on the way to work, I peek into the window of the Village Barber Shop. It’s a little (less that 200 sq. feet) shop owned by two mid-thirties Italian friends, who just happen to be HOTT. I call them the Hottie Barbers. Homer refuses to go in there due to my inappropriate obsession.

*Golf was great. The weather was nice and I actually played a decent game. My mom and dad both golf every weekday during the nice weather - without a cart. We golfed with a cart and it took us over 5 hours to do 18 holes.

*I feel so gross after 2 days of eating only in restaurants that all I have eaten since we came home Sunday night is salad, fruit and water.

*Next Tuesday is Canada Day, which is a holiday. I’m also taking Monday off, and looking forward to an extra-long weekend. We have a wedding to go to on Saturday, but besides that, no plans. A no-plans weekend is my favourite kind.

*What should a 5-year-old boy wear to a summer wedding? The girls are easy, but I’m stumped for the boy. I looked through Old Navy and The Children’s Place for ideas, but everything seemed too casual.

*Tomorrow is the last day of school for Lisa and Bart. I’m looking forward to not packing backpacks and lunches every day. I’m not looking forward to paying the extra amount for full-day care during the summer.

*My former nanny is a single mom. The baby’s father, who is a loser in almost every other way, has turned out to be a great dad. He moved more than 100 miles away from his home to start over in the town where the nanny is living (close to her parents). He visits the baby for three hours every single day, giving the nanny some time to herself. He pays more than he has to in child support. I’m so happy it has turned out so well for all of them.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Babies and boys.

We finally had a chance to visit our old nanny and her adorable *new* baby (born in January). She lives about 4 hours north, so our attempts at a winter visit were thwarted by ice, snow and other typical winter weather conditions.

Lisa liked the baby, but her interest quickly waned and she just talked [nanny]'s ear off. Maggie just kept asserting the she is a "big girl baby", and Baby M is a "yittle baby baby". Bart loves babies, always has, and he couldn't get enough of Baby M. I think it speaks to his gentle, sweet nature.

Of course, he's still all boy...
While there, we visited a little theme park that had rides (where old rides go to die, as Homer put it). Bart ran through the gates and disappeared around the corner. The next thing we see is Bart flying down the path in a golf cart that had been left unattended by one of the park staff. Best ride ever! I thought Homer was going to pass out - his face went white when he saw the spectacle. I couldn't stop laughing. The park staff? Not so much.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just call me Tiger!

I'm entered into a golf tournament tomorrow. I have golfed, but I do not consider myself a golfer, by any means. I have my own (cheapo) clubs and I even have a glove, although I'm not sure why I need it.

I've actually golfed in this tournament several times before. It's hosted by the students union here, so there are a lot of inexperienced golfers, which makes my skills look decent. Every other year I have signed up for the tournament and been put in a foursome with either insurance agents, investment brokers or lawyers... all men who routinely do business on the golf course. It was always a source of stress for me, knowing I was bringing down the team. I also had a hard time consuming all the beer they insisted on buying me on the course (Lori + sun + beer = nauseous).

But this year, I put in my own foursome: Homer, a student that works for me and another female colleague. None of us are golfers, but we all expect to have a great time. For the first time, I'm excited about the tournament.

Do you golf? Any last minute advice?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bad parents, fun ride.

The instructions specifically state that this should be set up on a flat surface.

But, when you have a slope in your backyard that you hate in every other circumstance, how could we resist? Also?

Yes, we did put a slide at the top to make it extra fun. Don't report us. After all, it's not like we were doing this:


Monday, June 16, 2008

Looks like we'll be shopping for a new bank.

So, yesterday we went out for breakfast at our usual joint. After a lovely meal, I took the kids out to the car while Homer stood in line to pay. When he swiped his debit card, the message "Limit Exceeded" came up. Luckily he had enough cash to cover the transaction.

When he got to the car, he called the number on the back of his bank card, as he had certainly not exceeded his limit. Turns out, they were doing maintenance on their network, but we would be permitted to withdraw $100 from the bank machine at the branch (there is only one branch of this bank in our city). Otherwise, we were SOL.

I ask you, what kind of bank shuts down their network for maintenance on Father's Day (or any day, for that matter), with no warning to their customers? We were both furious with the bank. There are so many things wrong with this.

First, there's the embarrassment of the transaction not going through at a place where we are considered regulars.

Second, there's the possibility that we did not have cash on us and would have had to drive 20 minutes to the branch, then 20 minutes back to the restaurant to deliver the cash. It's a big assumption to make that someone would have a credit card. We have one card between us and we don't carry it with us.

Third, what if we were somewhere else, like Canada's Wonderland or The Zoo, suddenly told that our debit card wasn't working? Or at the gas station? What if my Father's Day gift to Homer was a BBQ that he was going to pick out that day? What if our kitchen faucet snapped off in my hands and we didn't have access of the funds to buy a new one. Wait... that DID happen!

Homer blasted the lady on the phone (not her fault, of course, but squeaky wheel and all that). He made up a sob story about our three children who were suddenly denied a day trip to Canada's greatest theme park, despite having thousands of dollars in the bank (a bit of a stretch, unless you include our RRSP's). "Do you have kids?" he asked. "Then imagine how low I feel right now." The customer service person asked, "do you want me to put you down for compensation?" YES! I'm usually embarrassed when he's a dick, but I was high-fivin' him when he was done. We'll see if this goes anywhere.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


That's me these days... unable to communicate. Work is flat-out crazy right now, leaving me no time to blog or read your blogs. Home is crazy too, as we're back to 3 nights a week at the soccer field, plus copious amounts of year-end celebrations, recitals, etc. Every weekend from here to eternity (or at least the end of my calendar page) is booked with barbeques, weddings and weekends away.

I'm hoping to turf at least one set of auditors tomorrow (I have 2 sets in here right now), so next week should be back to quasi-normal, blog-wise anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up then!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We hosted Bart's first " friends" birthday party with a Superheroes theme. Fastest two hours of my life.

The gang getting their Superhero names. You can see Maggie waiting very patiently.

Finally named. She was Super Macro and her super power was that she could make everything big.

Bart blowing out the candles on his Superman cake.

A better look at the cake, because I even impressed myself with this one!

A little better look at the capes. I made 13 custom capes for the kids.

They made their own masks and power bracelets (I cut out the shapes and they applied glitter and star stickers).

The big difference between girl toys and boy toys: girl toys are made in pastel colours and have millions of itty bitty parts. Boy toys are made in primary colours and make a lot of noise.