Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random stuff.

*We got a $25 gas card from the bank for our troubles on Father’s Day. They also explained that we were treated that way because of our “low rating” with the bank. Why is our rating so low, you ask? Why, it’s because we don’t have a mortgage or credit card with them. So, the fact that both of our paycheques get deposited directly into that account AND we have a large RRSP account AND a few bucks in savings AND we have never bounced a cheque or payment is not good enough because we haven’t accumulated any debt with them. So, just to review: no debt=bad rating; debt=good rating. Uh huh.

*Everyday on the way to work, I peek into the window of the Village Barber Shop. It’s a little (less that 200 sq. feet) shop owned by two mid-thirties Italian friends, who just happen to be HOTT. I call them the Hottie Barbers. Homer refuses to go in there due to my inappropriate obsession.

*Golf was great. The weather was nice and I actually played a decent game. My mom and dad both golf every weekday during the nice weather - without a cart. We golfed with a cart and it took us over 5 hours to do 18 holes.

*I feel so gross after 2 days of eating only in restaurants that all I have eaten since we came home Sunday night is salad, fruit and water.

*Next Tuesday is Canada Day, which is a holiday. I’m also taking Monday off, and looking forward to an extra-long weekend. We have a wedding to go to on Saturday, but besides that, no plans. A no-plans weekend is my favourite kind.

*What should a 5-year-old boy wear to a summer wedding? The girls are easy, but I’m stumped for the boy. I looked through Old Navy and The Children’s Place for ideas, but everything seemed too casual.

*Tomorrow is the last day of school for Lisa and Bart. I’m looking forward to not packing backpacks and lunches every day. I’m not looking forward to paying the extra amount for full-day care during the summer.

*My former nanny is a single mom. The baby’s father, who is a loser in almost every other way, has turned out to be a great dad. He moved more than 100 miles away from his home to start over in the town where the nanny is living (close to her parents). He visits the baby for three hours every single day, giving the nanny some time to herself. He pays more than he has to in child support. I’m so happy it has turned out so well for all of them.


Pickles & Dimes said...

For the wedding outfit, how about khaki pants and a nice white shirt?

Your bank = assholes. Grrrr.

You have an extra long weekend? We need some of your Canadian holidays over here.

Welcome to our World said...

I would suggest a short/long sleeved shirt (I like those light blue Chambray shirts personally - they look fancy and are thicker), khakis and nice shoes for boy wedding out fit. If it is really hot, I think he could even get away with cute khaki shorts and a nice plaid shirt.

I wish we could take both Canadian holidays for my husband and American holidays for me off!! That would be a lot of time off of work, no!?

That is the craziest thing about the bank though it totally does not surprise me.

artemisia said...

Canada Day! My first summer in Washington, DC I went to an Embassy party at the Canadian Embassy for Canada Day. Ever since then, I've loved July 1.

Your bank and all other banks? CREEPS.

I have a similar problem with credit since I am not up to my eyeballs in debt. DUMB SYSTEM.

Saly said...

Working in the banking industry, at least here in the states, it is a major violation to treat you in a certain fashion because of your profile with an institution. You should write a letter to the CEO. You deserve a lot more than $25.

I struggle with dressing Bud for events as well. I would say the standard khakis and polo shirt combo? There needs to be a boy equivalent of “multi-functional cute sundress” and there really isn’t.

Jess said...

I'd say that khakis and a polo shirt or little button down plaid shirt would do it for Bart at a summer wedding.

Also, yay for Canada Day! We have Friday off next week for Independence Day, and I am very much looking forward to that.

Nowheymama said...

I can't believe you were actually told that by your (soon-to-be-former?) bank.

desperate housewife said...

I'm so happy things are working out okay for your nanny. You hear SO many deadbeat dad tales it almost kills your faith in men altogether. I'm always cheering for involved dads. Hope he keeps it up!

shay said...

On the bank thing...um..what?! That seems crazy but then who am I?! Just a regular folk who don't undermastand the complimicated world of high finance!

I agree on the outfit for the wedding- flat front Kaks (navy or tan) and a short sleeved button up. Mexx sometimes has really cool boys stuff if you want something different, otherwise...the gap.

We're heading out of town for the long weekend (and the week actually). Have a good one!
Happy Canada Day!

shay said...

Oh and I think he could wear nice shorts and leather sandals too if it's smokin' hot out:)

Don Mills Diva said...

Banks will never make sense to me - EVER!

Chantal said...

Bank = crazy, I can't believe they actually said that to you.

Clothes = Kevin got really nice kids dress shirts (to wear to a funeral :( ) at Zellers. I was surprised when they showed up looking so good.

Nanny= That is so nice to hear. It is all too often the other way around.

amreen said...

i love this post. for a summer wedding last year, my then-4-year old wore khakis and a linen white short sleeved shirt, which started out tucked in and then quickly wasn't. and black dress shoes from Payless. that's great for your nanny!

SLynnRo said...

During law school when I had CARAZAY credit card debt, I got credit card offers out the wazoo. Now I get none.

Misty said...

Wow, you guys' school lasts for-e-ver, huh? My kiddies were out over a month ago. But we have to go back in the beginning of August. Do you wait until September?

I wonder if the temperature differential has anything do to with it...harvest calendar maybe? I remembered you mentioning something about strawberries and our strawberries have been gone for months. Literally! Anyway, that was a lovely tangent. :)

LoriD said...

Yeah - the kids don't go back to school until September 2nd. I'm sure it does have to do with the harvest calendar. Not that we have any farms in our immediate area!

Family Adventure said...

Don't talk to me about Banks, they make me M-A-D. Grr....(I could go on, bur I will spare you).

Hope you have a great long weekend. No plan weekends are my favourite, too!!


LD said...

we had the same dilemma.
I got Matt some nice long plaid shorts from the gap and a button down oxford shirt to go with it. And he wore nice shoes (i.e not crocs). He looked pretty cute. He was 3 - but it was pretty sweet.