Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just call me Tiger!

I'm entered into a golf tournament tomorrow. I have golfed, but I do not consider myself a golfer, by any means. I have my own (cheapo) clubs and I even have a glove, although I'm not sure why I need it.

I've actually golfed in this tournament several times before. It's hosted by the students union here, so there are a lot of inexperienced golfers, which makes my skills look decent. Every other year I have signed up for the tournament and been put in a foursome with either insurance agents, investment brokers or lawyers... all men who routinely do business on the golf course. It was always a source of stress for me, knowing I was bringing down the team. I also had a hard time consuming all the beer they insisted on buying me on the course (Lori + sun + beer = nauseous).

But this year, I put in my own foursome: Homer, a student that works for me and another female colleague. None of us are golfers, but we all expect to have a great time. For the first time, I'm excited about the tournament.

Do you golf? Any last minute advice?


Nowheymama said...

Absolutely no golfing advice here, but have fun!

JMC said...

I've never golfed unless you count mini-golf. My dad was/is a big golfer, and when my brother and I were kids he had a couple of his clubs cut down to our sizes and used to take us to the driving range. That and mini-golf are the extent of my golfing experience. Have fun in the tournament!

Jess said...

I've never golfed, so my advice is to take pictures! I want to see!

Manager Mom said...

Good luck. Drink lots of mimosas and wear your glove with pride! And don't crash your cart.

Misty said...

I got nothin'

Other than this:

Have a blast!

Pickles & Dimes said...

I've golfed twice in my entire life. If you're like me, bring plenty of extra balls. Have fun!

Family Adventure said...

I golfed for a couple of seasons...but it just isn't for me. My husband is keen, though. His advice...swing through (whatever that means). My advice...enjoy the social aspect of it!