Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family scrapbook - May

Taking in some major league action at a Toronto Blue Jays game. We like the cheap seats... less chance of getting hit by a foul ball.

Entertaining the baby cousin. It's nice to borrow a baby for a couple of hours. It's also nice to give that baby back, knowing changing that next diaper is not your problem.

Maggie likes soccer. She comes running for a hug every single time she even touches the ball.

Homer will love that I added this picture. He has some surgery on his sinuses. Despite taking 4 hours to wake up from the anesthetic (it should have taken 1 hour), everything seems to have gone well. He's still in a lot of pain/discomfort, but hopefully he'll suffer from fewer sinus infections. He may even get his sense of smell back.

Bart turned 6! This year I went the easy route and planned a bowling party. Soooo much less work than last year's superhero party, but they still had a blast. He wanted a cake with "Spiderman having a fight with Batman" and I actually considered giving it a shot. In the end I got lazy and just made this one. I also made some basketball and baseball cookies for him to take to share with his class on his actual birthday, but failed to get photo evidence.
May was fun, but a crazy, busy month. I'm hoping June lays off a bit.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well hey there...

As I write this, I am sitting in a big, comfy chair beside Homer. My kids are amongst the 30 or so screaming children enjoying the giant indoor playground (a relatively small crowd for such a large place). My kids are getting exercise and having a great time doing so. I'm (finally) able to get on here to do some writing thanks to the WiFi these clever business owners thought to include. Homer is listening to his audio book about String Theory(!) And the coffee is free.!

Hoo boy I've been busy. Work is always kind of nuts with meetings and things, but I'm on a couple of new and interesting committees that have been taking away from my precious blog time. I'm also working on a renovation project that is at the same time fun and exasperating. I might write more on that sometime later.

My trip to NYC was just perfect. I was with my four oldest and dearest friends. We spent the whole weekend laughing and shopping and touring and eating. We saw a show, toured Central Park, stayed in a great hotel and spent more than we should have on merchandise sold from under a tarp. We're already planning the next trip, probably something less commerce-driven and more relaxation-driven.

Next week we start a new soccer season. Maggie will be playing for the first time. Of course, she's all about the uniform. We don't know yet what colour she'll be, but God help them if they give her something ugly or boyish. Anyway, Lisa's playing Mondays and Wednesdays, Maggie is on Tuesdays and Bart is on Wednesdays (same time, but a different field than Lisa). Meanwhile, the winter activities haven't quite wound down yet, which means we still have other Tuesday night obligations, as well as dance on Saturday mornings. So yeah, busy.

I suppose I should get back to watching my little monkeys (or playing on Pogo, which I also never have time for anymore). I'd hate to let this great family time pass me by...