Thursday, November 8, 2007

Things that don't suck.

  • Remember my issues with the deaf parents? Well, the kid called Lisa last night herself and between the two of them a playdate for after school today was arranged. No cryptic notes, no attempts at translated phone conversations, just two kids making plans. Awesome.
  • Homer won $200 from Omaha Steaks in an on-line contest, so we now have 2 boxes of steak and one box of assorted fish steaks in our freezer (plus a cookbook called "Meat" and some steak spice). This is good news for my budget shopping.
  • I couldn't find my round brush this morning, so instead of drying my hair straight, I scrunched it up so it's kind of wavy. So far, 3 people have complimented me on my hair today.
  • Dexter was awesome last night (it actually aired Monday night, but we just watched it last night).
  • The pool is closed and the giant maple tree has yet to shed its leaves. Opening the pool in the spring will be much nicer when we don't have to retrieve 300 lbs of wet leaves from the bottom of a 10 ft pool.
  • I got a 30% off card for Tommy Hilfiger in the mail yesterday AND it's for the lowest ticketed price. This is good news for my wardrobe.
  • This morning Maggie said "I la u mom". And that, certainly, does. not. suck.


Family Adventure said...

Yeah! I like that list. I needed a bit of positivity, and you just gave me some. Love the last one. Precious!

Heidi :)

Tessie said...

I love Omaha Steaks! And little ones saying I la u!

Good day.

bananafana said...

the I la U makes my day every time. Also hooray on the pool! I hated opening our old one so much. The last time we did it the cover had sagged in and had leaves on top - so heavy my FIL finally decided to drag it off with a truck and pulled the bumper off. I love me a pool but NEVER AGAIN unless someone else does all maintenance

LoriD said...

bananafana - I am so there with you. Hate the pool. Would gladly fill it in tomorrow.

Welcome to our World said...

I too am a lover of the I la u any time of the day. It just makes me so infinitely happy.

Also, not on the same level, but loving coupons coming in the mail when I do not expect them!!! And winning free most anything! That rocks!

Jess said...

What a great list! Especially the last item. How sweet.

Kristen said...

Awesome! That hair thing and TH coupon thing have both happened to me this week too! (and lots of I la u's) Yay us!

Misty said...

Yay for meat!
Yay for good hair days!
Yay for clothes and babies who love us!


Laural Dawn said...

I loved your post today! Sounds like things are looking up.
Matt has also started telling me he loves me. He says "guess what mommy?" and I say "What" and he says "I love you".
It melts my heart!