Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Monsters had a ball!

Halloween rundown:

Maggie as Wise Baby Owl. Here she is attempting to fly.

She was a star with all the "hoooo-hoooo"-ing she was doing.

Bart as The Friendly Dragon. This was during his

school parade. He walked "like a dragon" the whole route.

Lisa as Little Miss Muffett. Can you make out the spider,

just over there on the left? It really makes the whole costume work.

The three monsters heading out. Like their treat bags? Oops.

One little detail I forgot.

You would be scared if these creatures knocked on your

door, wouldn't you?

Maggie walked the whole way. The other two, near the end,

fought over who got to sit in the stroller we brought for the baby!

The haul. Suffice it to say, momma's got a rash this morning!


Tessie said...

I love all of those and I especially love that you got pictures of them all together.

I was hoping more people would have PICTURES today, but so far...DENIED!

I love that Luke walked like a dragon. Hee hee.

Laural Dawn said...

I love the costumes - especially Little Miss Muffet.
So fun.
And look at that haul!

Misty said...

Hey...was that a picture of you in there? Walking with a wee Owl?

GREAT costumes. Love the solution to the Miss Muffet fiasco.

Kat said...

Awwww...what great costumes!And what is with all the chips? Are they cheaper than candy or something? My kids got LOADS of them, and they take up SO MUCH real estate in the treat bag that I had to carry an extra bag for them! Then I felt like one of those uber-competitive moms, like "my kid's gonna get the MOST candy, even if I have to carry it for her!" But admittedly, I do like to eat 'em!

LoriD said...

Misty - yep, that's me.

Kat - yes, lots of chips. What didn't make it into the picture were several cans of pop! Talk about heavy!

JMC said...

Great pictures! The costumes are awesome! I can't decide which is my favorite, though I'm leaning toward the owl. But the dragon gets extra points for walking like one the whole time. And I LOVE the spider on Zoe's.

You didn't show up in my Google Reader today. What's up with that? I just checked in from your comment over on my post.

Pickles & Dimes said...

I absolutely adore that owl costume!!!

Nowheymama said...

Great photos!

People give out cans of soda? Seriously? Did they run out of candy and chips?

LoriD said...

No Whey - nope. There are a few people in our neighbourhood who do the pop (soda!) thing. And - they give out candy/chips on top of that too. It's a small neighbourhood.

Sara said...

AAH!! I love it!! Especially the little glasses on Macy!

Family Adventure said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful costumes.

And I love that it was the bigger kids fighting to get into the stroller at the end. Isn't that always the way?!

Glad you had a good time. Rockin' Halloween lot bags, too :)


Banana said...

Such good costumes!! I love spider sitting next to Miss Muffet. Good work team LoriD!

bananafana said...

LOVED the costumes. I was going crazy over them thinking how cute until I got to the end and your carpet looks so clean and soft in that last picture that all I can do is think about that and how much I want new carpet . . . I'm very easily distracted today

LoriD said...

Sara - can you tell the "glasses" were drawn on her face with marker?

bananafana - that carpet is the bane of my existence. It is very soft, but clean? hardly ever! I keep threatening to rip it up (there's hardwood under there).

bananafana said...

I keep threatening to rip ours out too - we also have hardwood but the thought of foreheads connecting with wood keeps me from doing so just yet.

Kristen said...

Completely adorable costumes! Love!
I hope your son keeps his dragon walking to halloween. My eldest walked like a t-rex for 6 years.

JMC said...

This FINALLY showed up in my Google Reader, sometime in the overnight or early morning hours.

Jess said...

The Little Miss Muffet braids are adorable. And the owl is too cute.