Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween een.

Costumes - check.
We have a Little Miss Muffet, a dragon and an owl.

School treats - check.
I made chocolate ghost suckers. I still have to tie orange ribbons around the sticks, if only I could find the orange ribbons.

Day off work - check.
I have Bart's parade in the morning and Lisa's in the afternoon. I'll have to pick Lisa up at noon to help her with her costume and then send her back. I'm also interviewing a new daycare provider in there somewhere.

Porch light changed - half-check
I bought the bulb, but have yet to install it. Will have to schedule that into my day off as well. This is an annual event... fix porch light so trick-or-treaters know that we are not lame and will be handing out candy. The rest of the year... meh, who cares if our porch is dark?

Pumpkins carved - check
They are sad, but done. Bart was pissed that the one I did wasn't scary.

Decorations up - ha!
Lisa would like to decorate our house like Grandma's (pumpkin lights, scarecrows, little witch figurines). I have a Dracula wooden thing somewhere, but can't even be bothered to dig it out. The aforementioned pumpkins are the only decor I can commit to.

Candy for the trick-or-treaters - CRAP!
We only get about 12 kids, but still I feel the need to buy enough candy for 100! I always think that one year our neighbourhood will catch on. We only have three small streets in our "neighbourhood", but the folks on the other two street are loaded and tend to give out full-size chocolate bars, cans of pop and handfuls of candy. My kids make out like bandits! The hold-back (I think) is that the driveways are quite long, so you can't hit as many houses in your outing, and then it's a bit of a distance to the next neighbourhood.

Have a happy Halloween! Looking forward to all the pictures on Thursday!


Misty said...

Ooooo, love the idea of the ghostie suckers. Me? I am making wormy dirt cupcakes for the Brother's class, along with treatbags and for the Jelly Bean's class, I am doing some soft lemon cookies and bananas. What? Jelly Bean's class is missing out with that bland vanilla non-festive treat? Well, that is all I could come up with for 15 1-year-olds! Ah, well. I can't wait to see how Miss Muffet came out!

Jess said...

Just hand out tons of candy to all the kids. They will love you for it and the bonus will be that next year you won't have to fix your porch light--they will all come flocking anyway, because they'll remember how generous you were with the candy the previous year.

Family Adventure said...

Hey Lori, You sound like you have it all under control! I'm impressed.
And I agree with Jess, give the kids lots of candy, and they'll catch on and be back next year! :)


LoriD said...

Misty - both your snacks will be big hits, I'm sure!

Jess & Heidi - I forgot to mention that we don't actually stick around to hand out the candy - we just leave it out in bowls and tell them to help themselves! It's way more fun to take the kids door-to-door and we always meet up with the 12 kids that stop by our house on our travels! The kids that do come around are little, so their parents make sure they only take a few of our treats. Otherwise, I would give them tons!

Tessie said...

Damn you and your awesomeness with those suckers!

Can't wait to see pictures.

Hope everything's OK with the daycare situation.

Tessie said...

Also, CANS OF POP? Don't those bags get heavy enough?

JMC said...

Well, here it is almost noon on Halloween and we STILL don't have jack-o-lanterns carved. But we do have the pumpkins, which may have to serve as just a festive fall decoration, rather than a scary big pumpkin eating a smaller pumpkin and flanked by a mean but stupid sidekick. Yes, that was our ambitious pumpkin carving plan, but alas we are LOSERS, so nothing is done. :)

Kat said...

You want to meet a REAL loser? I tried to buy pumpkins yesterday, and not a single store in NW Calgary had one left! Can you say LAME-O mother? Actually, my kids took it surprisingly well, so WTH, we may never bother with jack-o-lanterns again! Yessss!