Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Total, complete randomness.

Pushing Daisies is both a good show and a good workout. I’m so nervous that Ned and Chuck are going to touch accidentally that I spend the whole show with my abs flexed. You’re TOO CLOSE. STEP BACK!

We went the Pumpkin Patch on Sunday. We had a great time going through the corn maze, climbing in the “hay”ground and digging in the corn box. What we did not do is come home with a pumpkin. Oops.

I have 637 “urgent” items on my desk, 3 meetings to prepare for and 812 phone calls to return. To tackle this mess, I have chosen to read blogs and write down my random thoughts.

Bart reveals nothing about his life in school. When asked who is in his class, he tells me about James, Henry, Percy and Thomas (all Thomas the Tank Engine characters). I think James might be real.

I was just asked about a project I worked on more than 10 years ago in another job. I remembered financial details that I should have purged from my memory long ago. I also remember my high school lock combination. And all my childhood friends’ parents’ phone numbers. I had a student work for me all summer. His name is Devin, but I kept calling him Dylan.

The school just called asking if they could feature Lisa’s picture on their website home page. This will be her third home page feature. The first was for the fire department when she was two, the second for an apple orchard when she was four and now this one. I’m thinking that maybe she’s photogenic. She does not get that from me.

I’m doing some cross-border shopping on Saturday. It’s been a very long time and I am sooo excited to get reacquainted with my good friends at Target. We have Zellers here in Canada and for awhile there they had a bulls-eye target kind of logo on their in-store signs, which I thought was a sure sign that THE Target was going to takeover Zellers and make my life complete. This did not come to pass. Obviously.

Maggie is the boss of me. She eats what/when she wants. She has a bottle when she wants. She goes to bed when she wants. She veto’s clothes she doesn’t care for. She holds out her hand and says “money” whenever she sees my purse (and I give it to her). I thought I was just a really good mom with the other two because they were so good and obedient. Turns out I was just lucky.


Tessie said...

This is all awesome, especially mysterious Luke. "I think James might be real". HAHA!

Marie Green said...

You have no TARGET? NO TARGET? NONE? How do you survive?

We don't have a Target in Tiny Town, but there are a few withing 20-30 minute drives...


I no longer want to be Canadian. I'd rather pay for my health insurance... =)

JMC said...

I remember numbers like that, too. And can't remember a person's name unless I've used it a dozen times. For example, my phone number when we lived in NC was 782-2212. Now, we moved away from there when I was 6. I am now 36, and have had about 10 different phone numbers since then. But this is the crap that takes up my brain space.

Artemisia said...

Oh, dear. I can relate to this a little too much today: "To tackle this mess, I have chosen to read blogs and write down my random thoughts."

I still remember my best friend's parents' phone number, too!

Good luck with 637 things to do!

Misty said...

Thanks for the chuckle. My day has been from H-E Double Hockey Sticks, if you know what I mean.

Swistle said...

I love this kind of post.

Jess said...

This post is awesome. "I think James might be real" made me laugh out loud. Also, forgetting the pumpkin means you can go back to the pumpkin patch. Won't it be fun to do it all over again?

Nowheymama said...

Glad to hear my husband and I aren't the only ones stressing about Chuck and Ned touching.

We're 45 minutes away from Target. When we lived in Lexington, it was across the street. Sigh.

bananafana said...

glad I'm not the only one with the pushing daisies problem. my husband laughed at me when I visibly cringed (and maybe grabbed his arm) because they were standing too close.
james might be real . . . haha! my son comes home listing off more names than there are even kids in his class and I don't know which ones he made up/are stuffed animals/book characters

LoriD said...

marie and nowhey - now you're making me feel lazy and whiney - I live a mere 1 hour from the border. It would probably take me another 10 minutes to get to a Target. I'm just not trying hard enough with this whole Target drought.

jess - you're more than welcome to pack up my monsters and head out to pumpkin hell again. Me? I'll be heading to the nearest grocery store.


Laural Dawn said...

I'm jealous about the buffalo shopping. Lucky you!!!!
And, target is incredible - I especially like their dollar section and the shoe section and the kids section. Okay I like it all.