Monday, October 20, 2008

Me. Me.

After a rather chilly non-weekend of chauffeuring kids to dance lessons and birthday parties, hocking apples with Bart, baking, raking and cleaning, I'm glad to have a post topic handed to me by Astarte. Do you read The Muddled Sage? If not, you really should. She has a lovely writing style and a humorous outlook on life. So anyway, Astarte tagged me for a meme. The deal is that I need to tell you six things about myself that may be news to you. I know, you're quivering in anticipation. Me too.

1. I am embarrassingly anti-social. I don't have social anxiety or anything; I would just much rather spend an evening at home with my family than go to a club or a dinner party or other such event that should be fun. It pains me to be offered tickets to a game or concert.

2. I love to watch TV, but I never seem to be watching the shows everyone else is watching. I have never seen SYTYCD, Survivor or any one of the CSI's. Shows I'm currently PVR'ing are: The Mentalist, Dexter, Entourage, Life on Mars, Pushing Daisies and My Own Worst Enemy. I also like medical shows like Dr. G., Medical Mysteries and Big Medicine, but I don't record those ones.

3. I don't have a cell phone. I've probably mentioned that before, but people always just assume everyone has one, so it's worth repeating. I had a cell phone when I was pregnant with Bart (I have *fast* labours, so I need to be able to communicate quickly). About 2 weeks before he was born I got a flat tire and my cell phone didn't work. Instead of putting through my call, they put me through to Accounts Receivable, who said my bill hadn't been paid (which I found out after waiting on hold for 1/2 hour). I explained that I was 9 months pregnant and stranded at the side of the road and that the bill had been paid. She didn't care/didn't believe me. A kind stranger helped me with the tire and I sorted it out the next day. They had applied my payment to Homer's bill (their mistake). When I finally spoke to a manager, I was released from my 3-year contract on threat that I would take my big pregnant self to the local TV station and tell them my story (I kept it for just one more month, just until his due date). I love pregnancy hormones, but not cell phones.

4. I'm not overweight. The way I talk on here sometimes about finding new work outs, obsessing about fiber and fat, you might get the impression that I am. But, I'm 5'6, 125-ish lbs and wear a size 4. I do, however, have an extremely poor body image (the reason pictures of me on this site are rare), so I just ordered the 30 Day Shred - not to lose weight per se, but to tone up and look better.

5. I can't ice skate. Well, I can skate a little, but not well enough to skate with a child that's learning to skate. I actually took adult skating lessons in my early 20's, but they really didn't help me much. I think it's just a lack of confidence and cheap skates. I'm a cheap skate. Hee.

6. I'm pretty clumsy. I have scars all over my arms and legs from falls, burns, tumbles and literally running into stationary items. Just this weekend, I burned myself with a cookie sheet (on my elbow - think about that) and stubbed my toe on a door frame.

So how about you? I've read this meme a few places, so if you haven't done it yet consider yourself tagged (but only six of you! Those are the rules!)


Jess said...

I never got the impression from your discussion of health that you were overweight. In fact, quite the opposite--I get the impression of health and fitness. Which seems accurate, I think.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

K, I was pretty sure you were thin and fit, but as for the rest of those I feel vaguely surprised:)

Nowheymama said...

Re: #1 Me too! And I married someone who's the same way. We force ourselves to accept invitations sometimes so we don't seem antisocial. K., on the other hand, is super social.

Saly said...

#1 OMG, me too. I like doing things out and about with Hub and the kids, but I don't really care to do them with anyone else.

I remember hearing your cell phone story before.

Misty said...

Isn't it funny about the body image thing? I am also 5'6, but I have about 55 lbs on you. I can't even imagine what it would be like to weigh 125, as I never have. Even at my teeniest in High School, I still weighed more than you do after three kids. :) And I am totally ok with that.

Maybe what I am trying to convey is that *I* am ok with how I look and society would tell both you and me that *you* are closer to the ideal than I am. Therefore, if *I* am ok, then you can be ok, too.

Not sure if I am being helpful, but that is what I am aiming for. :)

Lora said...

#4 me too, all of it. I think we are actually freakishly tiny compared to the rest of the world, but all I can ever focus on is that little belly pouch that just won't go back to wear it belongs and the part that rolls over the back of my waist a little bit.

I never thought you were overweight, I just thought it was nice that someone out there felt exactly the same way I do.

Astarte said...

Thanks for all the compliments!!! :) Can you feel me blushing?

I can skate, but I can't stop. I can't stop on rollerblades, either. Funny, since how with everything else in life, it's *starting* that's the hard part!

I think that almost everyone I know doesn't actually like being with other people, or even really outside the house. Huh. At least I'm not alone in my, uh, aloneness.

Chantal said...

Interesting stuff. I like all your food talk. So don't feel bad about it and keep it coming!

Beck said...

Dude, that last one just about made me cry. I'm an inch taller than you and forty pounds heavier.

artemisia said...

Pushing Daisies! Love that show! It is the only show I make an effort to watch. I've never seen SYTYCD, American Idol, Survivor, and of the bachelor things...nothing that other people watch. Apparently I live in a secluded cave.