Friday, October 10, 2008

Gobble Gobble!

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend here in the True North, Strong and Free. Why do we celebrate a full six weeks before our American counterparts? I’m sure somebody knows, but I don’t even have enough ambition in the matter to Google it. Let’s just say we celebrate earlier because our harvest comes earlier. Makes sense.

Canadian and American Thanksgiving celebrations are similar in many ways, but different in a couple of ways too.


1. The holiday is centred around family and giving thanks for our blessings. For a lot of families, there are two or three celebrations over the course of the weekend.

2. Our traditional meal includes turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. In our family, it also includes Broccoli Casserole. We do our meals potluck and someone responsible is always in charge of the BC, lest we have a repeat of ThanksgivingGate 1993.

3. We have football too. It’s the Canadian Football League playing two games on Monday afternoon. That’s half the league playing on one day. Special. Also, sucky for the football players and their families.


1. Thanksgiving Day is actually a Monday, not a Thursday.

2. Christmas isn’t really on the radar yet for most of us… we still have to get through Hallowe’en in a few weeks. So, we don’t put out our plastic Santa’s and twinkling lights, we don’t line up at Macy’s for the Thanksgiving Weekend door crashers. In fact, most of the stores will be closed on Monday.

I’d have to say that Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. There are no expectations, except a good meal and nice company. Unlike most other holidays, it’s not kid-centric. There’s no shopping, no wrapping, no cartoon icons.

Homer’s birthday is also this weekend (tomorrow). Homer’s birthday is the complete opposite of Thanksgiving – he wants to Do Things! and Go Places! and Be Entertained! and Get Great Gifts! He’s very much a child that way. But, I think he’ll enjoy our plans, so it's all good.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.


Jess said...

I like Thanksgiving too. It doesn't have religious connotation so it's very peaceful and family-oriented. Plus the food is good.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chantal said...

I like those parts of Thanksgiving too. But I am sad to say I only have one celebration to attend this year. Darn it all!!!

Nowheymama said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It's a toss up: Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve are my two favorites.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Cool to know about Canada's Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!

Misty said...

Monday is Columbus day for us. So I am off, toooooo!

But alas, no delicious turkey for me. I have to wait a while for that.

artemisia said...

Good meals and great company make wonderful celebrations.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

P.S. Feel like sharing that broccoli casserole? I love the ThanksgivingGate 1993 - too funny!

Welcome to our World said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We celebrate here in Indiana on Sunday since we do not get the day off on Monday but it has become a tradition to have Canadian Thanksgiving in honor of my husband every year and we LOVE it!

Marie Green said...

So, um, I've been reading you for awhile and somehow it didn't compute that you lived in Canada. Hmmmm. More proof that I'm loosing more brain cells DAILY, I guess...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Marie Green said...

So, um, I've been reading you for awhile and somehow it didn't compute that you lived in Canada. Hmmmm. More proof that I'm loosing more brain cells DAILY, I guess...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Erin said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love that holiday, also, for the same reasons you say. It's all about the important things in life, for everybody, and no real distractions.

amreen said...

i love thanksgiving too - the ease of comfort food, family and no gifts! though i must say, it's a lot of work - i'm tired today after the whole turkey feast. our dinner includes turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and also a great spicy squash recipe i've been making for years with chillies, garlic, coriander and oregano - nice to have some unique family traditions!

Beck said...

Hey, I actually wrote about the history of Canadian Thanksgiving today! That's funny.
It sounds like you're having a nice one.