Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kid ages and stages

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the content suggestions! My plan is to just do them in the order in which they were received, unless I feel otherwise inspired.

First up is Misty, who said: Tell me about your favorite age/stage of your kids.

It’s no secret to anyone who visits here regularly that I think my kids are pretty awesome, so I was surprised when this question was more difficult to answer than anticipated. The short answer is that I haven’t met a stage I don’t like (so far).

Newborn: I love how they’re just so small and so comfortable sleeping in your arms or on your chest. I love that they don’t do anything and yet are so engaging. I love the way their hair smells after a bath. I was lucky to have three really good babies. They all nursed well and slept well. When Lisa was a newborn, I painted the bathroom, thoroughly cleaned the garage and basement and worked on my thesis while she did her sleep three hours/awake one hour routine.

Infancy: I love the first smile, all the new discoveries, the pleasure they get from such simple things, like a rattle, a swing or a silly toy. I like the look of new teeth, the crazy hair and the baby belly laughs. Bart was the best baby ever. He hardly ever cried, was happy and sweet, never had separation anxiety. I could take him anywhere, any time of the day and know that he wouldn’t be a problem. Dream child, for sure.

Toddler: It’s crazy and frustrating and exhausting, but so, so funny. Maggie’s at this stage right now and I could regale you with countless tales of funny things she says and does. She likes to categorize things into those she “wuvs” and those she “does not wuv”. Do not attempt to make her wear/eat/play with things in the latter category, for she will surely scream at the top of he lungs, “NO! I DO NOT WUV DAT!” You don’t have to love it kid, you just have to like it a little.

Little kid:
From toddler to little kid, you really start to see the unique personality of each kid. Lisa was always fiercely independent and very imaginative. Bart needs more attention, but is easy to please and very physical. Maggie is emerging as feisty and bossy, but still very lovable. It’s neat to see the friends they choose and the things that interest them.

Big kid: I only have one big kid so far, but she’s pretty cool. I like that she understands teasing and sarcasm and that she can dish it out as well as she can take it. We often share an eye-roll or snicker when one of the little guys says or does something funny/weird/disturbing. I think some kind of hormones must be kicking in, because when she gets moody, LOOK OUT! It’s seriously like a PMS kind of moody that seems beyond her control, and yet she’s only seven. Luckily those moments are few and far between, and in the meantime we have some great times together, bonding over a book she’s reading, a show we watch together or a game of checkers.

All is not perfect at Casa Simpson, of course. We have our battles and frustrations, our worries and illnesses, but for the most part, this parenting thing has been pretty awesome. I’m sure I have what’s coming to me when my guys are teenagers.

I was a big baby-wearing momma with my kids - I'd love to win this contest for my sister, who is due with her first baby in November!


Welcome to our World said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!!! What too look forward to and remember what has past (or soon will be happening ;)

Fiona Picklebottom said...

Right now I've got toddler to teen around here. And they're all fun and also frustrating. Also, there seems to be an intro to teen hell that you get to go through from about 11 to 13. That lacked all elements of fun. My teen is 14 now, and SO MUCH EASIER to deal with than she was just a year ago. I just know I'm going to regret saying that...

Nowheymama said...

Hmm--we're coming up on birthday #7 here. Wonder if she'll be the same way.

Jess said...

This is so cool. Now I really want kids. More than I already did, I mean.

artemisia said...

This is fun to read!

Chantal said...

Good question Misty! I wish my kids were easy infants! As much as I love that stage they both cried way too much.

Misty said...

*Takes a Bow*

Yes, yes, I am partially responsible for this awesome and descriptive post because I (dum da da dum...!)asked the question.

But really. Dude. Stole the question from the one Devan asked me during my contest. Great answer, though. Jeez. This is a tough act to follow for when *I* have to answer it.

Saly said...

I could totally skip age 3.....but am totally with you in that I generally love every stage I've met so far.