Thursday, November 6, 2008

Strange days indeed

Barack Obama is going to be President of the United States! Of course, I didn’t get a vote in the matter, but I’m still thrilled that my guy won. That hardly ever happens in the elections I do get to participate in.

Last Thursday, a guy wearing full combat gear and carrying a gun was spotted walking briskly through the community toward campus. The moment he stepped foot on campus he was taken down by 4 police officers and 4 campus police officers, guns drawn. It turns out that he was hurrying to catch a bus to a Halloween party.

Here's how my guys looked on Halloween. No chance of them being taken down:

Another student was arrested this week for setting a fire in the elevator of one of the campus residence buildings at 4:00 AM on the Saturday of Homecoming Weekend. The fire resulted in four non-life-threatening injuries and the displacement of more than 550 students from their home. The accused lived in the building.

My sister lived my worst nightmare and did not make it to the hospital to have her baby. Mom and baby are doing fine. Dad? Suffering a little post-traumatic stress. She’s a doll though. Look:

Homer has been miserably sick for more than two weeks, unable to sleep because of an unrelenting cough. He hasn’t missed a day of work. When he finally went to the doctor yesterday, he was given an inhaler for bronchitis, and a nasal spray and antibiotics for a sinus infection. I really need to take better care of him, since he’s clearly not very good at taking care of himself.

I let Lisa do her own hair before school yesterday. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. She told me after school that they had their class picture taken that day. Lovely. The school calendar said “Picture Retake Day”.

Speaking of pictures, my mom said that all she and my dad want for Christmas is a framed professional picture of the three kids together. In the course of the two minute conversation, she said the word "professional" at least 10 times. What qualifies as professional? Because, there seems to be two price points for portraits: $20 for the Sears/Walmart/Supercentre deals (much less than I'm willing to spend) and $250+ for the rest (much more than I'm willing to spend). Is there a $100-ish option I'm missing?


Nowheymama said...

Do you know a photographer? We have our photos taken by a friend of mine. She gives us a big discount because we're friends and we recommend her. But, there's no guarantee it will be better than a nonprofessional one as far as the kids' expressions, etc. My nonprofessional BIL has taken some of my favorite photos of our kids.

Speaking of: Oh! The cuteness of that photo of the three girls!

Erin said...


Look at those proud Big Cousins! I'm so glad your sister & babe are doing well.

Hope Homer takes a turn for the better soon.

Astarte said...

I would head straight for The Picture People, no doubt about it.

Woot!!!! OBAMA!!!!!

I can't believe that guy went onto a college campus like that. Duh, what did he expect?!?!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

The girls are cute! I guess the cute gene runs in your family too.

I would go to a photography place- they are usually midway between a freelance photographer and Walmart/Sears. We go to Picture People and Portrait Innovations (depending on the sale they're having). They are usually in/near the mall.

Rolling Off The Edge... Together said...

Holy cow, that is a crazy week! Your kids are just too dang cute!! I am amazed by the baby in the bathroom story - now that is wild!

I have no idea about photos... sorry I am terrible with that sort of thing.

Chantal said...

The kids look great, in both pictures. About the "professional" photos. Do you have a friend who has a DSLR. You can take the kids to the museum and snap a few action shots and see if any qualify as professional quality.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Your week sounds far too eventful! But the kids looked adorable!

Misty said...

I have no idea about the pictures. I just take my kids to Sears and buy a nice frame.

I figure that at a professional photographer, you could come away with something for your price range. My problem is leaving pictures of my beautiful babies behind. I always want them all.

Badness Jones said...

There's that line of photo studios in the malls called Magenta studios...I think I paid $79 for the session and 2 8x10 prints last year. The photographer was really good, but Bad wasn't co-operating (I know, surprise!) so there was only one shot I really loved. And then I scanned it, and cropped it, and changed it to b&w....

Beck said...

My mother-in-law once insisted that we take the kids two hours out of town to a "professional" photo studio on her dime. So we did, and it turned out that the "professional" photographers were high school girls. My husband has SEVERAL YEARS of photography training, so he just sighed and took the pictures.
She hasn't bought us a photo session again. i wonder why?

Laural Dawn said...

My friend is just getting into the photography business (she's done a lot of photography for work/magazine stuff) and she's still looking for clients.
If you want her name let me know. She's doing my kids for free - she'd probably do the same or really cheap for you - like the gas.
E-mail me if you want her info.

Bette Creek said...

just one comment about $20 pictures at any of those places you mentioned... I've never just spent $20 there, My bill is usually closer to $100.