Thursday, September 17, 2009

Am I alone here?

*I roll my eyes when I hear someone say their kid is so smart that he’s bored at school (usually an excuse for bad behaviour). Smart kids can entertain themselves in such a way that it doesn’t disturb others. Poorly behaved children need more discipline.

*My kids watch The Simpsons. We buy the seasons on DVD. Most of the inappropriate stuff goes over their heads. The stuff that doesn’t becomes a ‘teachable moment’.

*We have a portable DVD player, but it has never been used in the car. Long car trips are a great opportunity for kids to learn how to entertain themselves with colouring, reading, trivia games and small toys. I may reconsider for a trip longer than 5 or 6 hours.

*I don’t think a kindergarten teacher needs to change her voice to something that is slow, high-pitched and squeaky to speak to her pupils.

*I don’t really appreciate Canada being presented as a third world-ish country in the American debate over healthcare reform. Trust me, we have it pretty good here. We ALL have it pretty good here. Do we pay higher taxes for the privilege and peace of mind? Yes we do. Do I care? No I do not.

*Most competition-based reality shows bug me. I may give American Idol another chance now that Ellen will be one of the judges. I predict that whoever Ellen favours will win.

*Fall shows I am watching or will give a shot: Glee, Flash Forward, The Good Wife, Bored to Death and (maybe) Cougar Town.


Chantal said...

I am with you. You are not alone. :)Even on The Simpsons one (and we have friends who are appalled at that one).

Saly said...

You are not alone! We watch The Simpsons too, in fact, The Simpsons Movie is one of Bud’s favorites. No, he (and Lucy) don’t get a lot of it. And no, a kindergarten teacher should not talk to children in a sing song baby voice. We have spoken to our kids like they are real people since that were babies. None of that baby talk crap here.

Bud so far has known everything his teacher has taught in Kindergarten. SO FAR. He doesn’t get bored though, because he likes singing, and coloring, and writing etc. And if he did get bored, I’d like to think that he wouldn’t act out. If he did though, there’d be discipline, that is for sure.

I am so glad you wrote this.

Jess said...

I totally agree with all of these things. I hope to parent very similarly to you in many ways.

Nowheymama said...

Nor should teachers speak about themselves in the third person, as my second grade teacher did.

Not Your Aunt B said...

All about the discipline and less about stifling these geniuses' creativity. Be "creative" at home kid and behave elsewhere.

The Simpsons is a little too old for our kids (3,1) but I hope they like it in the future. Not there yet though.

We have a DVD player in the car and the oldest can barely make it through one movie. Sigh. I think it would be easier as playing games, toys, books (me reading to them), and colors can get crazy with toddlers (dropping things all the time).

I am tired of the healthcare debate. I think most of the actual healthcare providers (like me) would immigrate to Canada and enjoy their healthcare system. None of the Canadian nurses or docs have any complaints with it at all. Impressive.

Yay for fall tv, competition or not!

Tess said...

Totally agree about the so-called "bored" kids. Please. I used to make up crossword puzzles when I got bored in class. True (WEIRD) story.

I just cannot get behind much of the new fall tv! What the? Glee sounds good, and Tosc wants to watch that Mercy show too (SIGH).

CAQuincy said...

Even on our annual EIGHT to TEN HOUR trips we do not bring a DVD player. The kids are always fine with their coloring books, stuffed animals, books, and imaginations (the two in the back, crack us all up with the games they play).

(Hubby did set up the computer to play DVDs ONCE. I was surprised. But the zoning out that ensued caused him to decide not to do it again.)

Misty said...

Well, apparently YOU are not alone, but I am. :) We don't agree on a good bit of these.

And please don't judge all Americans by the bologna the Republicans are pushing because they don't want healthcare reform. I personally think countries with universal healthcare systems are far more evolved than the US. Instead, remember how many hits were on the Immigration to Canada site the day Bush was re-elected. :) I was one of them.

artemisia said...

Yeah, I've thought the picture painted of Canada's health care system has been pretty poor and falsified. Horrible.

Beck said...

I haven't watched the Simpsons since I had The Girl 10 years ago - I just thought it stopped being funny.

My boy, though, is a bit of the first thing you wrote about. EVERY other kid in his old class, almost, had a learning disability and the class was taught at a very low level - so he WOULD finish his work very quickly and the harried teacher would be so busy looking after kids who genuinely needed help that... guess what... he'd start doing crap just because he was bored. He was never disruptive or bad, but there WAS an issue with how the class was being taught and not enough work being given to him.