Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Baby Bart

Last night, Bart wanted to wear to bed his one-piece “sleeper” jammies that he found at the back of his drawer. He squeezed himself in (good thing there was some stretch), zipped them up and proceeded to refer to himself as “Baby Bart”. He kept up the act all evening, right down to falling asleep in my arms while sucking water from his Spiderman sport-cup “bottle”. I held him and stroked his hair until my arm fell asleep and just cherished this moment with him. Bart heads off to JK next year. He’s thrilled. Me? I’d like to hang onto Baby Bart just a little while longer

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Haley-O said...

He's soooo GORJ! Seriously! And, I love that name so much! So adorable that he wants to be Baby Luke! Kids are tooooo much sometimes! Toooo funny!