Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Tomatoes are Coming!

Last night the weather was frightful, but the kids were so delightful... ha ha! After a beautiful summery day, the cold front moved in and caused some wicked thunderstorms. We had just made it in from a promised bike ride (Lisa is now officially sans training wheels - yahoo!) when the heavens opened up and watered our very thirsty lawn.

My husband immediately put the Weather Network on to "track the storm". The kids were running back and forth to look out the front and back windows. Bart was concerned that the pool was getting wet (?!) and Lisa just kept looking up at the sky. Finally she said, looking very concerned, "Mom, are there really tomatoes coming?" After a brief pause, during which I rifled through the card catalogue in my head, I replied, "it's just a tornado warning, nothing to worry about." You just have to wonder what is going through their little minds.

This incident reminded me of a time about 4 years. The power had gone out (remember the August 2003 black out?) Lisa was 2-1/2 and she just didn't understand why there were no lights/tv/popsicles, no matter how many times we explained about the power being out. On day 2 of the blackout, she was playing in Bart's room as I changed his diaper. She squealed as she discovered the Johnson's Baby Powder on the shelf. "MOM! I found the power, now we can watch TV!!" Oy.

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Haley-O said...

Hee! The tomatoes are coming, the tomatoes are coming! Too cute!!!