Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We're so proud!

I've been off work since Friday and don't have to return until January 4th! I've been enjoying lots of reading and games and performances by the kids. So far, there hasn't even been much bickering or tears.

Speaking of performances, I need to tell you an awesome story about Lisa.

The number one comment I have received from all of Lisa's teachers since JK has been "she's painfully quiet." She's so quiet at school that her teacher this year counts it as a victory that she says anything to him outside of what is required for her schoolwork. Two years ago, I talked to her doctor about getting her tested for Selective Mutism because I was just baffled by how my funny, loud child could be so quiet at school. She is often labelled as shy, which drives me crazy. She happily goes to school, has lots of friends and participates in any club, sport or activity offered. Anyway, my point is that she's very, very quiet at school.

One day a few weeks ago, she brought home a form for me to sign. She wanted to audition for a lead part in the school's spring opera production. She's in grade 4 now and this is the first year she is eligible to try out. For her audition, she had to sing O Canada and do a speech in front of a panel of teachers. I'll admit, her singing was not great. But! Here's what she came up with for a speech:

You're probably sitting there thinking, 'Lisa
Simpson is trying out for the opera? Shy, quiet, Lisa?' Well
I'm here to tell you that I was born to perform!

[She goes on to list her performance credentials, both with
dancing parts in previous opera productions, her Highland Dancing and violin lessons]

So set aside everything you think you know about Lisa Simpson.
Put me on stage and let the real me shine.

According to an email from one of the teachers on the panel, she delivered it in a strong, clear voice. She was "animated and intriguing." After they picked their jaws up off the floor, they made the unanimous decision to give her the role of narrator in the production. She got the part!

This child never ceases to amaze me. We are all so proud of her.


Jess said...

This is awesome! I'm proud of her too.

Also, I was very quiet as a kid too. My teachers always described me as "shy and serious." And now I am chatty and outgoing. So, you know. Things change.

Good for her! I'm so impressed.

Rolling Off The Edge... Together said...

This is awesome and it totally brought tears to my eyes because kids are amazing!!

They know a lot more then "we" give them credit for and perhaps all this time she was bidding her time to show her spunk and talent and disprove all those teachers!


Fiona Picklebottom said...

That is fantastic!

Kristin.... said...

That's great!!!!!

Nowheymama said...

This makes me weepy!

artemisia said...

Oh, I love it! How wonderful!

I also love that she had to sing, O, Canada. I know it by heart; A. watches Hockey Night in Canada faithfully.

Sarah said...

I am so excited for her! And you guys too!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Oh THANK YOU for this post! She is me! She is Miss A (my 3 year old). So often labeled as shy, but not really at all. If it helps any, I think she's just focused at school and concentrating on what she's doing...soaking it all in. My sister ran into an old high school teacher a few months ago and she almost died when she found out I was an ER nurse. I was just so quiet she never imagined me doing that! HA!

Chantal said...

oh Lori that is so wonderful to hear. My oldest son is much like Lisa. At home he sings and dances and at school he cowers in his corner hoping no one will notice him. Just last night my husband and I were musing that maybe he will be one of these shy kids who turns to acting in high school. It is nice to hear Lisa took the bull by the horns and got what she wanted. She must be so proud of herself.

Beck said...

Lori - you won! Email me your contact information and I'll send it off to the Webkinz people.

Bette said...

Good for her!
This may surprise you... but I was Lisa when I was kid. I didn't come out of my shell until about grade 7 or 8 and then there was no stopping me. Congratulate her for us!