Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Craving cake? Do I have the cure…

I mentioned that we just celebrated our 10th anniversary. Well, my mom called me to ask what I wanted to do with “the cake”. “The cake?” I asked. “Yes, your wedding cake that has been in my freezer, do you want it?”

That’s right, my parents have had the middle part of my three-tier wedding cake in the bottom of her freezer FOR 10 YEARS! We ate the top part on our first anniversary. I just laughed and said I would take it, just because I thought Lisa would get a kick out of it.

So I picked it up on Saturday and immediately the kids were begging to try a piece. It was, of course, rock hard frozen. I placed it on the counter and promised to cut into it the next day, but made no promises as to whether or not I would let them taste it.

Sunday morning came and Bart asked, “now we can have some white cake?” We looked at the cake and out of every crack, crevice and sugar flower were teeny tiny ants. Millions of them, parading around this cake, ensuring no part of the beautifully smooth fondant, the carefully selected blue flowers, nor the elegantly placed silver balls would ever be tasted by humans.

This poor cake that had survived ten years in the freezer was unceremoniously chucked into the garbage and taken to the curb. The kids were devastated and I was just a little sad, but mostly amused.

We went out and bought a white cake mix, white icing and some pre-made blue and pink sugar flowers and recreated the wedding cake. It was beautiful in its own way and the kids finally got their white cake.

This reminds me of my new must-see show, Ace of Cakes. Have you seen it? You must! You too can have naughty dreams about Duff and his cakes:


Tessie said...

I LOVE Ace of Cakes! The last episode I saw they were making an airplane cake for someone who had just gotten his pilot's license. It was AWESOME.

Sara said...

ok, my jaw hit the floor when I read ANTS. g r o s s


I've been meaning to watch ace of Cakes, now I have good reason to. Yummy on several levels.

ali said...

i LOVE that show.

and the ants? ew!