Monday, July 30, 2007

No conversations before coffee, please.

Driving into work today, Homer and I had the following conversation.

H: Why are we doing the garbage in the morning now?

L: I wasn’t aware we did the garbage this morning. Perhaps it was the grogginess of separating the recycling at 6:30 AM, but I really felt all alone out there.

H: You know what I mean, I would have done it last night.

L: Umm…

H: Don’t get all sarcastic. You didn’t need to do it this morning. Sometimes you’re such a martyr.

L: Uhh…

H: You always do things by yourself and then complain that I don’t help.

L: Just so I’m clear… upon discovering that the garbage had not been put out last night, my next move should have been to put you in the time machine and set the dial to last night?

H: I need a coffee.

L: I concur.


Tessie said...


"I would have done it last night", that is classic.

Swistle said...

The way you handled this is how I always WISH I could handle fights. I would have gone for the jugular with the whole "martyr" thing, without zeroing in on the actual problem the way you did, and in an amusing way too.

Sara said...


Was it Tim's coffee?

LoriD said...

Of course it was Tim's!