Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

It's my favourite long weekend of the year. It used to be about parties, beaches, camping and beer... lots of beer. Now it's about:

Strawberry picking. Even though Maggie didn't really get the concept of picking the strawberries, not stomping on them, and Homer and I spent most of our time chasing her down the path, it was a great time. Lisa made a feast of it, while Bart was the little task master, making sure we put the strawberries in the basket, not too small... In the end we had a 6 qt basket of the lovliest, juciest strawberries you could ask for. My back also hurts a bit, but that's mostly because I'm out of shape.

The local festival: I love this picture... Bart with his tongue hanging out and Lisa with her eyes closed. I'm quite the photographer!

Rubbing elbows with celebrities: For those not in "the know", this is Loonette the Clown from Treehouse's Big Comfy Couch. My mom's friend won back-stage passes to meet her and kindly gave them to my kids (as her grandchildren are teenagers!) The kids were absolutely star-struck... check out Bart.

Today, we'll be chillin' at home, probably with a barbeque and maybe even one or two Corona's!

Happy Canada Day!


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ali said...

ahahaha! loonette the clown!

Haley-O said...

Oh wow! A CELEBRITY! Now THAT'S celebrity gossip! And, I've been trying to get more Canadian stuff up there -- this would have been PERF! ;)

Glad you and the kiddies had such a great time! :)