Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Halloween is really for the children.

On the weekend, Lisa announced what she wanted to be for Halloween. It was a good idea. She usually has good ideas. Here's last year’s:

Ohhh Homey

I immediately had an image in my mind of how the costume would come together. As usual, though, I thought I would turn to the Internet for some inspiration. My Google search returned the following results:

At least the middle one has the curds and whey. Hey, isn't that third one Little Bo Peep?
What? This isn’t screaming Little Miss Muffet? For a six year old girl? No? I’m in trouble.


JMC said...

If you search French maid outfit, do you get the same site? What game is this one supposed to be? Little Miss Muffet and the Big Scary Spider? Go with whatever your idea was. Speaking of which, what was it?

Misty said... anyone else's reaction: GROSS!

I thought I would take a gander for you and I found the exact same costume...on an 8-year-old.

That is disgusting.

Swistle said...

Ha ha! I cannot BELIEVE how many women use Halloween as an excuse to dress trampliciously. Costume choices for women: sexy maid, sexy nurse, sexy vampire, sexy nursery rhyme character. Or streetwalker.

Also, her last-year's costume is GREAT!

bananafana said...

and I thought I was having trouble trying to find a penguin costume without a big red bowtie . . . wow

LoriD said...

My idea was similar to this, minus the plunging neckline (Zoe really doesn't have the boobs to make that look work), minus the white fishnet stockings and with a slightly lower heel. Also, I pictured Little Miss Muffet in blue gingham, not pink. :-0

Tessie said...

Good lord, I was going to say! What if your kid isn't sporting the D cups?

Artemisia said...

Oh, that is HILARIOUS.

Banana said...

Oh my, that Simpsons costume is fantastic! Love it!

Marie Green said...

That is one over sexed Little Miss Muffet!

And her Marge costume was GREAT!