Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why so cranky?

Man, I’ve been a downer these last few posts.
Waahh… I can’t get the stains out of my clothes
Waahhh… Bart fell in the pool
Waahhh… I hate my clothes
Waahhh… I took a sucky picture

I’m not really feeling all that cranky, so I’m not sure why this string of cranky posts.

I love fall, with its crisp air, warmer clothes and BAKING.

Beck posted a great gingerbread cookie recipe, which I made on the weekend. I cut them into little hearts, butterflies and circles and decorated them (the circles had happy faces). They turned out great and the kitchen had that great fall fragrance. I discovered a new product for decorating cookies, which I loved:

Best $5 I ever spent – no mess, no fuss, put it in the fridge until next time.

I also went shopping last night and bought some new clothes. I took Laural’s suggestion and tried on a ton of items, even those I wasn’t sure I liked. I managed to find three pairs of pants that I really liked (all grey or black based, but still…) and one sweater (also grey). I know, pathetic. I tried on lots of things with colour, even some blouses with ruffles and puffy sleeves. There’s a reason I don’t have trendy clothes. They look RIDICULOUS on me. I have an “athletic” build (broad shoulders, small boobs, small waist), so pretty things look pretty silly on me. I’m okay with that, though. The sales associate suggested I try “Petite” sizes for tops, which I did and they fit much better. So Sara – now you have to go out and buy some new stuff!

Bart had his orientation for Junior Kindergarten yesterday. We started out by warning the teacher that he is not like Lisa (who was in her class 2 years ago). Lisa was quiet, a good listener, knew all her letters, numbers and some three-letter words before starting school… a teacher’s dream. Bart… well, Bart’s a nice boy; a little high energy; tends to live in his own head. Weren’t we surprised then, when he aced all of the little tests she gave him. He sorted the little bears without hesitation. He put the story together with a beginning, middle and end. He correctly identified all the numbers and letters she showed him, he printed his name and he SAT DOWN for the whole test (at least 10 minutes)! This is the same boy who does stuff like this:

Oh, you can’t see what he’s pumping up? Let’s have a closer look:

Yes, that’s a plum. He saw some bigger ones at the market and thought he’d pump his up a bit.
As you can see, no need to be cranky. Life is good. I have cookies and clothes and a nutball son who I will be sending on the bus for the very first time tomorrow (eek).


Swistle said...

Ha! A plum!

I think cranky posts are more interesting than "everything's awesome!!" ones.

Beck said...

He's pumping up a plum! That's awesome!
Cranky is okay for sometimes. But look at your great icing! I covet!

Tessie said...

Oh, it's a good thing plums don't fill up with air and explode, cartoon-style, what with the white carpet and all. OR DO THEY?

That is awesome.

Laural Dawn said...

I'm so glad you went shopping!!! And, even if some stuff looked silly it's sooo worth it.
As for the pump - hilarious!!!
We need to get our boys together. Matt is always trying to pump air into stuff. It's pretty cute.
Thanks for the icing tip.
Where did you buy it?

Pickles & Dimes said...

That is so sweet.

Misty said...

I am just impressed you find time to say anything at all. Last time I blogged it was the last millennia...or August or something.