Monday, September 24, 2007

Imagine the freedom.

I got hooked on a series on TLC last night called “The Lottery Changed my Life”. It was just story after story of ordinary people who became multi-millionaires overnight. I think most people have probably thought about what they would do; I know I have. I actually believe I will win $15 million one day. Not $5 million, not $20 million, but $15 million. I buy tickets only when the jackpot reaches $15 million or a multiple thereof (e.g. $30 million). Yes, I am a little delusional.

So, what would I do with my big jackpot win? Not what almost everyone on the show did, I can tell you that. I would not:

Buy a Corvette, a Bentley, a Hummer or a Jaguar.
Buy a 10,000 square foot home made of marble.
Fill my giant marble house with statues, suits of armour, Elvis memorabilia or shiny gold things.
Sit around a giant pool all day sipping cocktails (although I might do that occasionally).

For me, winning the lottery would give me the opportunity to have more time for myself and for my kids. I would definitely quit my paying job, but I would still work outside the home sometimes. My dream would be to fix up dilapidated homes in the inner city and sell them or rent them to struggling families. I would make life easier for my extended family and close friends. I would probably live in the same house, but with some improved landscaping and some interior upgrades. We would get a new car, but nothing big and flashy, just new. The kids, of course, would be set for higher education and beyond.

The one thing I would never, ever do again, is clean my house, because I hate cleaning my house. I would hire someone to come in for several hours a week to do things like laundry, housework and general tidying up. That would be my luxury.

Winning the lottery would just feel like a great big exhale, you know? No more worrying about whether or not we’re putting away enough for our retirement or the kids’ education. No more arguing about who is doing more housework (I am) or who is failing to respect the budget (he is). In short, it would feel like this:


JMC said...

My lottery fantasy is similar to yours. Maid, cook and handyman 24/7. I would move to a new house, but only because my house is not in a neighborhood where my kids can ride bikes and just be sent out to walk to a friend's house (we live on a pretty busy main street, but we do have a lot of land, so it was a compromise, but one I regret), and I'd stay in the same school district so the kids wouldn't have to change schools.

My husband, on the other hand, has a well thought out and documented lottery fantasy. Yes, he has actually written out how much he would use for various things. His are not "blow-it" things either, though. A non-profit organization he wants to start, a self-managed investment portfolio, how much to give to family, real estate investments, that sort of thing.

bananafana said...

my plan is very similar - I would definitely get a maid but my major personal splurge would be a minivan which is a little pathetic but sounds great to me now. I always thought that I would buy houses, fix them up and then help single moms by putting them up there, helping with child care and getting them school/training/whatever they wanted to make their lives what they want for their families.

my husband wants a corvette stingray so I guess we might also have to get one of those

Misty said...

Grrr! I wanted to see that show. When does it come on again?

If we won the lottery, I would not quit my job, but maybe do it for free, since I work at a non-profit and my salary could be used to hire someone else (Oh, more staff. THAT is a luxury.) First thing I would do would be to pay off allll the debt. I would have to seriously consider what to do after that. :) It is such a fun fantasy.

But no. Elvis and shiny things probably wouldn't come into play.

Tessie said...

I saw that show but thought it might be depressing so I gave it a pass. Did everyone end up bankrupt and crazy?

I keep hearing about all these people who have elaborate fantasies for their lottery winnings. I never think about this, why? NICE LOTTERY SELF-CONFIDENCE I HAVE!

Pickles & Dimes said...

I wouldn't buy anything ridiculous either. You have a good plan for your future lottery winnings. :)

If I won, I'd just pay off all my debts and maybe start a no-kill animal shelter. Something with animals, that's for sure.

(Completely unrelated: guess who had to go stand in the fish section at Petco for 5 minutes to compose herself after getting upset at the fact that the cats up for adoption there were going back to the foster shelter because no one adopted them?)

Laural Dawn said...

But ... would you spend more on groceries????
(I'm kidding)
I think my goals would be very similar to yours. Nothing super major, but definitely cleaning.
I think about it all the time!

LoriD said...

JMC - Sounds like we have the same situation with our homes. The way I see it, the house will be perfect for us in 4 years, so I'm willing to wait it out.

Banana - we could go into business together! Same idea here.

Misty - I don't know when it will be on again. TLC usually shows these things again and again though.

Tessie - I thought is would be that way too. But it was pretty much good news stories.

P&D - that's something my daughter would do. She doesn't get that from me. I'm cold!

Laural - I would probably still look for deals. I'm frugal by nature and I love the hunt.

Kath said...

What a lovely image at the end of your post. I'm with you...huge amounts of money would just mean...RELAX. Hopefully I wouldn't just find something other than money to worry about, though!