Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Overheard at dinner...

We have the best dinner conversations now that Bart is in school. Bart reveals nothing about school unless coaxed and Lisa is anxious to get every single detail.

L: Who did you play with at school today?
B: Kids
L: What kids?
B: A stripes kid and a princess kid.
L: What were their names?
B: Ummm… Stripes and Princess.


L: Who do you play with in the class?
B: Everyone and no one.


L: Are there any bad kids in your class?
B: No. Just real kids.
L: So, you don’t have any Chinas in your class?
Lori & Homer (in unison): WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?
L: All the Chinas I know are bad in class
(Editor’s note: she has had exactly one Chinese kid in her class, ever. He is bad, though.)


L: Did you learn any new songs today?
B: Yeah.
L: What songs?
B: I don’t know. Learning songs.
L: Did you sing the “Counting to 20” song?
B: No.
L: The “Ears Hang Low” song?
B: No.
L: What songs, then?
B: Mom, tell Lisa no more questions today. I’m thinking.


B: Tomorrow I’m going to sit with my friends on the bus.
L: Mom, he wants to sit with the big kids at the back. He doesn’t even know them.
B: I do know them, they’re my friends.
L: If they’re your friends, what are their names?
B: Dora, Ming-Ming, Diego, Tyrone and Bob.
L: Those are cartoons!
B: Yesssss. Cartoon friends. Told ya.


I feel like Supermom today. As I write this, I have a roast with vegetables in my crock pot. By the time we get home, it should be cooked to perfection and ready to eat. Roast Beef. On a Tuesday. This has never happened before in my house. Never.


Tessie said...

"All the Chinas I know"-HAHAHA! Oh, I am laughing inappropriately.

And that "ears hang low" song is ruined forever for me ever since that rapper did it about his chain hanging low or whatever.

I agree about the crock-pot. It makes everyone Awesome.

Sara said...

this is hy-freaking-sterical. I spit pretzles out!!

Save some crockpot food for meee!

Pickles & Dimes said...

These are priceless!

"All the Chinas" - too funny.

Sara said...

mmmm, large double double. I actually like mine black.

Now that sounds dirty......

(we're talking coffee people.....)

We were actually quite excited to find Tim's in Maine....they had 5 whole locations!! In a sea of Dunkin Donuts! It was great!

Laural Dawn said...

I'm super impressed about your crock pot roast. Yep. Never. On a Tuesday has that been done in my house. You're sooo supermom. Last night's fine dining was foodcourt food before shopping for a cell phone.
Tonight the boys are having McDonald's while I work late.

Kristen said...

Wow you are supermom! I think my kids may get some chicken fingers from my freezer tonight. if they are lucky.
Love their convo, so cute!