Monday, February 25, 2008

Ha! I made it to 100!

1. I am pretty handy around the house. I can do most minor electrical and plumbing work and I don’t hesitate to take on a carpentry project. I built the centre island in our kitchen.

2. I have one coffee mug that I use at home and one that my mom keeps because she knows it’s my favourite

3. I ‘found myself’ backpacking through Europe.

4. The best thing I did for myself on that backpacking trip was to travel by myself from Croatia to Scotland, making my way through train stations, boat departures, travel schedules, language barriers and meals without my (travel) partner in crime, my best friend.

5. I played girls football all four years of my undergrad at university. I started out in the position of Centre (I was all of 115 lbs, but no one else would do it). I settled in at the position of Middle Linebacker and served as Captain for 2 years. I was actually pretty good.

6. In the last game of my first season, I tore the ligaments in my right knee.

7. While in the emergency room waiting for diagnosis of my knee injury, the doctor informed me that I also had suffered frostbite on both ears.

8. I looked into playing football after university, but any women’s leagues were for, um, bigger girls who liked other bigger girls. I didn’t fit in.

9. The only other time I was in the hospital emergency room was when I was 11 years old and got a gash near my eye. I needed a tetanus shot, but not stitches.

10. If I had to pick only one sport to play for the rest of my life, it would be basketball.

11. My greatest fear 10 years ago was that I wouldn’t be able to have children when I wanted them.

12. Now, I fear I will have an unexpected pregnancy if he breathes on me the wrong way.

13. I have always been quiet, but never shy. I hate it that people don’t know the difference.

14. I was part of the “in crowd” in high school, but was not that popular outside of the crowd.

15. I won quite a few academic and music awards in school, but I really wanted to be recognized in athletics.

16. The closest I got was the Award of Excellence in the Canada Fitness Challenge.

17. I purposely chose a university that no one else in my group of friends would be going to so that I could have my own identity outside of the one I had with my friends. That turned out to be a very good decision.

18. I entered university with the goal of becoming an accountant.

19. After two years, I chose a different business path, because I just couldn’t picture myself doing only accounting for the rest of my life.

20. Every job I’ve had has had a significant accounting component to it. People are surprised to learn that I do not have an accounting designation. Even real accountants are surprised.

21. I have an older brother and a younger sister.

22. My brother has been very successful in his career and is a nationally-ranked athlete; he’s always striving for something better/stronger/faster. My sister is gorgeous and sweet and funny; she is extremely content with whatever good fortune comes her way. My personality lies somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

23. I consider my childhood to have been charmed. I had (have) a great family, a terrific neighbourhood, good lifelong friends, no major illness or injuries, no tragedies.

24. I always think that something horrible will happen in my adult life to balance out my great childhood.

25. I don’t wear pink. It’s not a colour I can pull off. I don’t have a sweet disposition, so pink feels stupid on me.

26. I always have a crossword puzzle in my purse, just in case I find myself with a spare moment. It’s always one that has been cut from the newspaper.

27. I don’t like the books of crosswords because the answers are always in the back and it’s too tempting to cheat.

28. I am a morning person. I can wake up at 5:30 AM, hop out of bed and get straight to work.

29. My TV obsession makes it difficult for me to get to bed before 11:30 PM.

30. I am not a napper. If I take a nap in the day, I will wake up disoriented and groggy. No matter how tired I am, I’m much better just getting through the day and going to bed a little earlier.

31. I am a list-maker, at work and at home. I wake up in the morning running through the list in my head.

32. I hate clutter in a house. Except for pictures, I don’t have knick-knacks. I spend a great deal of time tidying up and putting things away.

33. Christmas decorations are the only exception to the no-clutter rule.

34. I am not a great house cleaner. I hate mopping floors and cleaning the bathtub. Anything else, I can manage, but I still don’t like it.

35. I am not a great gardener. I always hear people saying how relaxing they find gardening to be – I don’t get that at all.

36. I am competitive. I avoid doing things I’m not good at and I practice like crazy to get better at the things I am good at. I’m secretly competitive with my kids. Lisa inherited the competitive gene, not so much Bart. The jury’s still out on Maggie, but I would put my money on “competitive”.

37. I have an irrational fear of those spiky things that you stick memos on. If it’s on the desk of someone I’m meeting with, I am fixated on it, willing it not to spontaneously poke out my eye.

38. I also have an irrational fear of the bowling balls that you have to put your fingers in. I picture my fingers getting stuck and me hurtling down the aisle to the pins.

39. My eyes are green, which is weird because both my parents have blue eyes (as did all 4 of my grandparents).

40. Two of my kids have blue eyes, the other has green, which is also weird because Homer’s eyes are brown, which is supposed to be dominant.

41. My favourite colour is blue.

42. I’m not all that into food. I love to bake, and I love the topic of nutrition, but I don’t obsess about eating food or worry about when my next meal will be.

43. If someone asks me about my favourite meal or my favourite restaurant, I scramble to come up with an answer, because I don’t have favourites.

44. Except cheese. Especially if the cheese is warm and melty.

45. I don’t drink much. On a daily basis I might have one or two coffees, a big glass of milk and one can of caffeine free Diet Pepsi. Occasionally I’ll have a glass of water, but not often.

46. My favourite cocktail is a Bloody Caesar (extra spicy), which I have learned is a uniquely Canadian drink.

47. I love to make special birthday cakes for my kids and my extended family. If you give me a theme, I can usually create something pretty great using candy and other edibles.

48. I prefer cool weather because I like don’t like wearing clothing that shows my skin.

49. I’m really pale. Pasty pale, not porcelain pale.

50. I am the disciplinarian in my house.

51. I spearheaded a very large construction project 8 years ago, so now I know more than a little about a lot of construction-related things.

52. I wore a hardhat and work boots through most of my first pregnancy.

53. I was the technical “owner” on the project, so workers on-site always noticed when I was in the building. As a result, I run into trades people who know me almost everywhere I go, much to Homer’s chagrin.

54. I also got to shop for and select more than $500,000 worth of furnishings for the building. Imagine a whole building done in colours, fabrics and styles I like.

55. My family used to do month-long camping trips every summer when I was a kid.

56. We covered all of Canada on those trips and many parts of the US.

57. The first time I ever stayed in a hotel was a band trip to New York City in grade 10.

58. My first plane trip was at 18 years old when I went to Mexico with 3 of my friends.

59. I still prefer camping trips to hotel trips. Homer, not so much.

60. I can’t imagine letting my kids go to Mexico with their friends at age 18.

61. I can’t imagine letting my kids drive at 16.

62. I am slightly claustrophobic.

63. I can’t wear a shirt with tight sleeves because I get kind of panicky about being restricted. Ditto for turtlenecks.

64. I had a dream when I was 10 years old that my younger sister drowned in my grandmother’s bathtub. It still haunts me today.

65. The dream probably explains my well-documented fear of kids and water.

66. I have a recurring dream that I am at a track meet in the 100m dash and when the starter’s gun fires, I can’t move my legs.

67. I also have a recurring dream that I open a secret door in my house (which is never actually my house) and I discover a hidden room. The room is always a 70’s basement-style family room.

68. I once went on a week-long canoe trip with my friend’s boyfriend (now husband), because she didn’t want to go and it was mostly a couples thing.

69. I discovered on that trip that I’m a lot stronger than the average gal, both physically and emotionally.

70. I have a group of four best friends. I have known one since I was 4 years old, two since I was 11 and the other since I was 13.

71. I’ve discovered that this kind of life-long friendship is fairly uncommon.

72. I once flew to the west coast of Canada to meet up with my Scottish cousin’s friend (whom I had met once), to drive back to Ontario with him and his girlfriend. They fought a lot, but all in all, it was a great time.

73. Sometimes I lose my taste for coffee and switch to tea for a bit. After awhile, I want coffee again.

74. If I’m involved in a project, I always end up being the leader. I almost never intend to be, but it always works out that way.

75. The leader thing usually emerges because when we walk away from the initial meeting I’m the one who goes back and does the most work.

76. I might be a control freak.

77. My celebrity crush is George Clooney.

78. I would like to run a marathon one day, but I never stick to the training program that would help me achieve that goal.

79. I’ve owned 2 cars in my life. Both were bought brand new.

80. I’m never bored.

81. I play the piano. I got 98% on my Grade VIII piano exam and 99% on my Grade II Music Theory exam.

82. I hate the word fart.

83. I could watch Evita (the movie version with Madonna and Antonio Banderas) over and over again.

84. My resting heart rate is really low (52bpm).

85. My blood pressure is also quite low, leading my doctor to ask at almost every prenatal appointment “are you okay? Do you feel dizzy?”

86. I have a low tolerance for crowds and lines. You’ll never find me waiting in a long line for the newest Harry Potter book, concert tickets, a great nightclub or a good deal at a store.

87. I’ve been known to drive all the way to the grocery store, get a kid situated in a cart, walk in, see long line-ups at the checkout and then turn right around and go home.

88. I am about as low-maintenance a girl as you will find.

89. I only get my hair cut about twice a year. My “salon” of choice is SuperCuts, but will go to a different one if there is too long a wait, or if I have a coupon.

90. I have 6 pairs of shoes/boots total, including summer, winter and athletic shoes.

91. I have had one professional manicure in my life and that was for my friend’s wedding. I did my own nails for my wedding.

92. I have never had a pedicure, massage or any other spa treatment. The thought of it gives me the creeps.

93. My preferred “brand” in cosmetics is whatever is on sale. Not one item in my cosmetic bag (which has 6 items) cost more than $8.

94. My favourite designer is Tommy Hilfiger.

95. I have never paid full price for anything by Tommy Hilfiger.

96. My idea of a luxury day for myself would be to be alone in my own (clean) house, with a pot of coffee, warm muffins, a bowl of fruit and a good book.

97. I like to read, but will choose non-fiction over fiction 90% of the time.

98. My favourite things to read about are running/fitness, nutrition, personal finance and true crime.

99. I am a real procrastinator, but I have never asked for (or needed) an extension on a deadline – not for school or work.

100. I didn’t think I would be able to make it to 100. Yay me!


bananafana said...

Awesome list! Good job making it to 100!
I found myself thinking ME TOO on so many of your items. Hate turtlenecks, love making lists . . . now I'm jealous. I'll have to try a long list some time

JMC said...

Your kids eyes being blue and green is not weird at all, it just means that Homer has a brown-eyed gene (that you see because it's dominant) and a blue/green-eyed gene (that you don't see because it's recessive). The blue/green thing is a little more complicated than that, but you get the idea. Basically, your kids have a 75% chance to have either blue or green eyes and a 25% chance to have brown eyes.


Me too on the pale thing. And the disciplinarian thing. Oh, and the being handy around the house thing. And the end up being the leader thing. And the low-maintenance thing. And the haircut thing. And the pedicure thing until once last year when a friend MADE ME GO. It still skeeved me out, but the massage chair you sit in was worth it. Ditto on the procrastinator, but no deadline extensions. Actually we seem very similar, but I prefer fiction over non, and I prefer Johnny Depp over George Clooney.

Jess said...

Wow, amazing list! I am still in that place of fear that you talk about in number 11. And also, number 24 totally applies to me too, except that instead of balancing out my great childhood (though it was fine), I feel like something awful will happen later to balance out how totally, utterly happy I am right now.

Saly said...

The blue/green eye thing mystifies me. My eyes, (both of my parents and both brothers) are brown. Hub�s are blue. ED has blue eyes and CA�s are hazel. I don�t get it!! They should both be brown! I guess this gets in to recessive traits and gene theory. I�m not up for that today.

I don�t drink much either, and I love the quite verses shy statement��I am the same way.

This is a great list!!!

Family Adventure said...

This was a really good list, Lori.. I felt like I got to know you a lot better...which I suppose is the point of a 100 list post.

Heidi :)

Tessie said...

Lori! This is the best 100 things list I've read. I loved it. My problem is that there was too much stuff and now I can't remember what to comment on. I should have taken notes.

Your accounting connection is fascinating! I didn't know!

Have you read Good Calories/Bad Calories by Gary Taubes? If you are interested in the discussion I mentioned on my blog on Friday, I think you would like it.

Way to go on 100! Here's to 100 more!

Banana said...

woohoo for 100! I am a huge procrastinator too, but I always make deadlines. I just wait all the way until the deadline is about to expire to turn anything in.

Also, lists make my life. I can't function without a list.

Laural Dawn said...

That was fascinating!
In some ways we are like - some ways so different which is why I love reading everyone's 100 things.
I can't say I enjoy reading about fitness/nutrition or finance, but give me a good book and warm muffins and I'm with you - I could be gone for days.

Don Mills Diva said...

Very interesting list - I had a lot of me toos while reading it!

Elaine A. said...

That's a very "open" list. I am very similar to you in the things you listed #s 29 -34!

amreen said...

that was fascinating - i really feel like i know you so much better now. thanks for sharing and being so open about yourself - it was a pleasure to read that post.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

You did such an amazing job on this post!
Number 8 made me laugh. Hard.
Good for you on number 17, shows lots of wisdom at such a young age.
40. are Homer's eyes technically hazel maybe? If so, he would have a blue and a brown gene... I think green is also a form of hazel? Gosh I wish I could remember my high school genetics...
54: Fu-un!
99: I am a procrastinator too, I think I do better under pressure:)
Thanks for sharing all this, I feel like I know you so much better!

shay said...

Love the list! I wish I knew you irl! You sound pretty cool! I think we might be opposites though, not completely but enough that we could be friends:)

My blood pressure is low too, especially while preggo. The doc asked the same thing. I always feel fine!

Christina. B said...

happy 100th!

Crazy Daisy said...

What a fun list! Congrat on making to to 100!

LoriD said...

jmc - so Homer must have some blue eyes in his genes. Interesting. I also love Johnny Depp, but he seems a little small, whereas GC seems big.

tessie - I saw that guy on something (20/20?). I will definitely pick up that book. It looks like something I would love.

Chantal said...

100, cool. I just checked my blog and I didnt' even realize that my last post was my 100.

I am all over your number 96 and I also feel very lucky to be able to say that number 70 is also true for me. I didn't realize how rare that is until recently.