Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What’s that?

Over there -->

On my sidebar (in the green part) -->

That’s right. I’m going to tally my RRRoll up the Rim to Win winnings.

Because I am a loser and these things matter to me.

With my luck, I'll win the boat. Do. not. want. the. boat. Give me a donut over the boat.

I could do the same with my lottery tickets, but that would just be so sad.


Jess said...

Can I assume that you buy the little scratch-offs that are instant win? As opposed to those big multi-million-dollar jackpots? Because if it were the latter, the sidebar would always say zero. And then maybe one day change to, say, $30 million. Which would be awesome. You'd probably get a lot of emails from people suddenly desperate to become your best friend.

LoriD said...

Nope - only big jackpots will do. So the tally would be:

Tickets purchased: 5 million
Winnings: $0

See? Sad.

bananafana said...

you people and your Tim Hortons . . . I only say that because I'm jealous and we don't have them here (we go whenever we're in New York)
GOOD LUCK (on not getting a boat)

Saly said...

I meant to say to you yesterday……are you so excited for Roll Up the Rim??? Of course I’ve played twice and won NADA. You Canadians get all the good prizes. We in NY get nothing!!

Tessie said...

This is like some Great White Northern inside joke isn't it? WAH! I wanna play!

Marie Green said...

I don't get it. HOw do you play?

Family Adventure said...

Ooooh...I'm missing the rrroll up the rim this time around! You'll have to rrrroll up a few extra cups for me. I'll be keeping count - now that I can!

Heidi :)

LoriD said...

Marie -you drink coffee, then roll up the rim of the cup to reveal your prize. It's lame, but most Canadians look forward to it!

Chantal said...

Ha, I love this idea. It matters to me too. OMG I can't believe I am out of the country and roll up the rim started without me!!!! LOL just kidding, I'll take the beach anyday.