Thursday, February 14, 2008

How do you do Valentine’s Day?

Even though I have never received a bouquet of roses (if you knew me, this would not be a sad statement at all), and only once received a heart-shaped box of chocolates, I do like Valentines Day and like to make it special.

For the kids, that means they wake up to heart-shaped pancakes topped with fresh, sliced strawberries. They are sent to school with heart-shaped cookies for their class parties and wearing their finest red clothes. Lisa will open her lunch bag and discover that her sandwich has been cut into a heart shape and that all her fruits and vegetables are red, as is her napkin. She’ll also have a Valentine from me. They all made Valentines for their classmates.

For dinner tonight, there will be homemade soup with heart-shaped biscuits and a heart-shaped cake for dessert. Then the kids will each get a little gift: some conversation hearts and a chocolate cupid sucker for each of them and a Webkinz for Lisa, a red toboggan for Bart and a Dora talking book for Maggie. They will be thrilled.

As for me and Homer, we’re not much for exchanging traditional gifts. One year I got him a giant bowl filled with M&M’s. Another year, he gave me a heart monitor for running. Over the past couple of years, we’ve just exchanged lottery tickets. It sounds odd and lame, but it’s totally laid back and us. We’ve been together long enough and been through enough that I know he loves me and he knows I love him. I’m much more touched when he comes home from the grocery store with a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant he thought I would like than I would ever be if he showed up today with a dozen roses. That doesn’t mean he isn’t expecting to get lucky tonight. I assure you, he is.


Jess said...

I have never received a bouquet of red roses either. In fact, all the flowers I've ever been sent have been purple with the exception of daffodils from my parents, which hold specific sentimental value for me. It just goes to show that anyone who knows me well enough to send me flowers knows that I like purple way more than I like roses.

Have a great V-Day! Sounds like you will.

JMC said...

Of COURSE he is! As is every other man in every country where Valentine's Day is celebrated. ;)

Welcome to our World said...

AH those are SUCH lovely traditions!

I usually give cards and make a special treat (I made chocolate cake this time.) Mostly there is still Easter and Matthew's Birthday as well as Kevin's birthday so there will be lots of gifts floating around. I bought Matthew a book this year and Kevin & I went to Stomp last week (which was awesome!)

Generally we do not do a lot. Kevin will get me flowers or some little treat but we also agreed to do nothing this year so it is what it is.

The neat thing we do every year at work and is special for us (we work in the same office) is that my boss allows each of us to choose a charity to give money to. This year we gave away a total of $25,000. It is fun and special and reminds me that giving to those in need is oh SO very important!

desperate housewife said...

When you've been together long enough, having both of you simultaneously wanting to put out is enough of a gift, I think!

Saly said...

Hub made the kids heart shaped bologna sammies for lunch.

Now I'm craving pancakes with strawberries!!!

I like this post. :)

Flibberty said...

All that heart shaped stuff made me hungry!

Family Adventure said...

I love this...especially the last line. You have NO IDEA how much I can relate.



Banana said...

My mom used to make valentines day special too.

We don't really exchange gifts on valentines day, but we usually do something - go to dinner, stay in and watch movies. We're pretty laid back, and it just doesn't feel like a big gift exchange sort of day for us. More of a spend time together and love each other kind of day.

Chantal said...

All those things you do for your kids sound so nice. I am kind of a dufus and really wasn't sure what to do for my kids. They each got a valentines loot bag but that was all. I will take notes for next year :) .

mom of the year said...

We don't do flowers either. I dig your lameness, as we are generally the same way. I do applaud your efforts for the kiddos. If I pay you, will you do that for mine also?

mom of the year said...
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Artemisia said...

We don't really celebrate it as we are in the thick of Birthday Celebrations.

Here's to getting lucky, though!

Tessie said...

My mom used to make a big deal out of VD for us too. Heart shaped sandwiches and mashed potatoes with pink food coloring and heart-shaped jello molds. I still remember it. I think it's awesome you do it for your kids.

The last sentence. Classic. Also: WORD.

Misty said...


Of course he is. Aren't we all?

shay said...

of course he is lol. Mine is too. Of course he will - cheapest gift in the world ;-)

Oh and we aren't big celebrators of the V-day. It's pretty low key over here. (my day is on my blog)

Happy Valentines to you too!