Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ding dong, the mullet is gone

He couldn't take it anymore and he conceded that, yes, he was sporting a mullet in the making. So, he let ME fix it! You can officially add hair stylist to my list of talents (because, I know you're keeping score). I don't have the after shot, but here's the approximate cut-off point.

American Idol and my gambling habit

I don't actually have a gambling habit, but Homer loves to participate in all things gambling, especially sports pools. In a (condescending) effort to "help the wives understand" the sports pool obsession, his bookie (not really a bookie, just the guy who runs the pools and refers to himself as the Supreme Benev0lent Dictat0r - I kid you not) set up Survival Idol. Homer signed me up. Here are the rules:

1. Each week after the performances (but before the results show) you have to pick someone who is NOT going home.

2. The catch is that you can NEVER pick that person again.

3. If your person makes it through, you're in. If not, you're out.

So, the strategy each week is to try and predict who will be eliminated the following week - or who is second worst this week.

I haven't really followed Idol since the Clay/Ruben year, so I had to work hard to get back into it (Paula is a nut job). This week my top three are: Carly, Brooke and Michael. My bottom three are: David H., Syesha and Ramiele. I'm thinking David H. is going, so I was going to bet on Syesha. Thoughts?

When the kids are away, mom and dad will...

...secretly thin out the toys in the playroom. Lisa and Bart are spending some quality time with my parents (and having a ball!) and the playroom thing is not something I can do with Lisa around. Bart will happily purge toys (he gets that from me), but Lisa attaches a meaning and memory to everything and cannot bring herself to get rid of anything (she gets that from Homer). After one big bag of garbage and two big bags of donations, the playroom is still packed, but at least a little more manageable. It's hard to decide what things can go when there are things that are too young for Lisa, but still too old for Maggie.

Maggie as an only child

Speaking of Maggie, she does not like being an only child. She keeps asking "where my guys?" and "guys come home now?" The house is a lot more subdued with them gone. I didn't really realize how much they entertain her. I miss them too but I don't begrudge their "vacation." I spoke to them on the phone on Monday night and last night and they reminded me that I was to pick them up Thursday night, NOT day. I get it, Grandma and Grandpa are fun, we are not.

The end.


Jess said...

If Kristy Lee Cook doesn't go home this week I will cry. I think Syesha is on the bubble for next week, though. So that's probably a good guess. From my ever-so-expert perspective, of course.

Swistle said...

You were smart to nip that impending mullet in the bud. No TELLING how bad something like that could get, given time. Maybe even a...RAT TAIL.

Tessie said...

"My guys". SO CUTE.

I haven't watched Idol yet this week, but I'll definitely be back to read all the Idol Posts I've missed.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Aw, poor Maggie! Good for you on the purging, has to be done.
I think Amanda is going home... so I am not sure who you should pick.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

NO! I meant Kristie! horrid! but I am not sure how long Amanda will hang on either...

Banana said...

I'm glad about the mullet thing. Sometimes you have to save them from themselves.

I think David H will go home next week and Kristy will go home this week. At least, that is my hope.

Also, I would like to put David A in my pocket and carry him around.

Artemisia said...

Victory is yours! Strike that mullet down!

"guys!" Too sweet! My baby sister called my other sister and I "the guys."

"Wait up, guys!" "Where are the guys?" "Mom, I am going with the guys." So sweet. Oh, good memories.

SLynnRo said...

You know, my damn husband insisted until about a year ago on cutting his own hair. It was an atrocity. Good for you for stepping in.

Misty said...

:( Oh, cher.

Where my guys?


Don Mills Diva said...

Kristy Lee Cook has got to go!

The mullet picture with the cut-off line CRACKED me up.

Flibberty said...

He looks mightly handsome with or without said mullet.

I need to start watching Idol. Just for the gambling.