Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This is Maggie.

This kid cracks me up. She has opinions! She’s stubborn! Now that she speaks very clearly at the ripe old age of 28 months, we get an even bigger glimpse into what is going through that little mind of hers.

Maggie on fashion:

Remember these boots?

She has worn these every single day since September. She has several other pairs of shoes including adorable hiking boots, sweet Mary Janes, short black boots, character running shoes and faux-Uggs, but she insists on wearing only these boots. She will put on her “sparkle boots” for playing in the snow, but that’s as far as she’s willing to give on the issue.

Speaking of footwear, she also has strong opinions on socks, as in: if they don’t have a picture of Dora on them, do not even try. I bought a whole 6-pack of Dora socks after Christmas when Santa left one pair in her stocking and they were all she would wear. Unfortunately ½ the pack featured Boots the monkey; those ones have never been worn, not once. And no, you can't see them under the boots, but she does not care.

Maggie on potty training:

My other two were trained by 28 months, but Maggie will have none of it AT HOME. I was informed by the daycare staff a couple of weeks ago that she was doing “great!” with the potty training. Really? At home when we try to even broach the subject she gives kind of a sarcastic cackle while saying “nooooo”. It’s like she’s saying, “Are you a moron? Of course I will not be peeing on the potty. You’re funny, though. Appreciate the effort.”

Maggie on stubbornness:

Her stubbornness comes through not only in her fashion demands, but in so many other ways too. She has only ever referred to herself as “Baby”; never her own name. She will not say please, thank you, sorry or anything else considered to be polite unless it is her idea. She likes to eat soup for breakfast and will upend any appropriate breakfast food on the floor if you dare to serve it to her.

Maggie on sweetness:

It’s not all battles with her though. For the most part, she is incredibly sweet. When she wakes up in the morning, she’ll yell “Mom!” just once. I go in to find her playing or just lying there waiting. I’m always greeted with a huge smile and a “Hiya mom!”

At night she gives Bart and Lisa each a hug and a kiss when they’re in their beds.

When she is tired, she likes to snuggle in close and hold just your pinky finger, which she calls, “your baby”.

Oh my baby, who initially came as such a shock to us, what would we do without you? Who would entertain us?


Jess said...

I am starting to feel like a broken record over here, but your kids! They KILL ME. God they are cute.

LoriD said...

No Jess, I've been the broken record. Aren't my children so sweet and funny? Gag. Maybe I'll post a recipe tomorrow!

saly said...

I love this. CA is the exact same way at 26 months. It's borderline pain in the neck, but I think I love her more for it, you know.

That Maggie----she is too cure for words. LOVE the curls!

Welcome to our World said...

This is awesome! I am also glad to know that the oops child is so meaningful to a mommy because I was the oops kid and man I often wondered about how my parents felt about that 10 years after the first and 6 years after having the 2nd!

Tessie said...


She calls you mom! Did she skip totally over "mommy"?

Don Mills Diva said...

She sounds like a firecracker and I'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way - she's a doll!

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Goodness she is so cute, love the image of her cuddling your pinkie. sweet.

Misty said...

Dude! You got spammed! Hey. Does this mean you have 'arrived'? Awesome.

Also. I really liked this post because I have been struggling lately with the whole, "Should we have a third child" thing. Hmm, delicious vacations in a couple years or another baby? Home renovations or another baby? Keep my job and roll in the dough or choose poverty and another baby? It sucks that it boils down to money. But I really do want a third child. I feel like when I am old in my rocking chair, I won't be thinking about that deck we had built or the riding lawn mower. I will be thinking, "Man, I wish we had tried for a girl."


Chantal said...

Awe how sweet :)