Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The well has run dry.

I can honestly say, I have nothing to talk about today. No kid battles or brags. No sleep issues.

Oh, I did get my hair cut. It’s okay. Homer likes it. There are bangs.

And there’s lots of snow and ice today. After waiting for the bus for 25 minutes, we finally drove the kids to school, and then understood why the bus was so late. There were cars stuck all over the sub-major roads and side streets. No snow day though, which was disappointing this morning, but I understand the decision now that I’m looking out my office window at a clear, bright day.

There has been a big issue on campus the last couple of weeks (you know, one of the BIG hot-button political-type things that often comes up on university campuses). Somehow, I’m very involved (not AT ALL in a political way, mind you) and I’m getting to see how fallible even the most poised and experienced of senior administrators are when they don’t have the solution that makes the issue go away. It has been enlightening to say the least.

I’ve been watching the HBO show In Treatment. Homer hates it because, “it’s just talking!” But I love it – can’t get enough of it. Really.

Next week is March Break for Lisa and Bart. They’ll be going to Camp Grandma and Grandpa’s, where they will get their fill of Whatever they Want! Whenever they Want It! My parents are retired teachers and they love to have this kind of untethered access to the kids and their young minds. We’ll see how they feel after a week of it.


Misty said...

A whole week? So are you looking forward to a week of relaxation and special time with Homer...OR are you acting like me? Which would be the paranoid-freak approach who will fret minute after minute because her babies are not within 15 feet of her.

But I have a feeling you are so much cooler than me.

Artemisia said...

It was ROTTEN here last night on the drive home from work, and now it is absolutely delightful. This time of year just kills me.

What are you plans for the kid-free week?

Jess said...

This post feels very cryptic. Also, I really love the idea of Camp Grandparents. I am excited to ship my kids off to Germany for a month every summer. Or something.

No pictures of the haircut? Really?

Tessie said...

I've seen In Treatment when browsing HBO On Demand, I'll have to check it out before it disappears!

Saly said...

YAY for camp Grandma and Grandpa! It's nice that you can do that--I don't trust anyone with my kids overnight---except for FIL who lives with us, and even that is a stretch---but I am a freak. I suppose I don't see anyone as trustworthy enough. Someday though, when they're older.

You'll still have Maggie though??

I agree with Jess here, very cryptic!

JMC said...

You could tell us about the big issue. I know my curiosity has been piqued.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

How wonderful that your parents will take care of them like that. The kids must love it!

LoriD said...

Sorry - did not mean to be so cryptic. There are lots of Google searches going on here about the subject, so I didn't want to risk my wee blog being discovered. The big issue has to do with another country and an historic battle over land (a strip of land, if you will). Okay, not helpful.

For my break from the kids, we plan to get to work on time, spend some one-on-one time with Maggie and maybe even go out for dinner one night. Homer will do enough hand-wringing and worrying for the both of us.

shay said...

Never heard of it. I'm not sure I'd like it although I do have a secret love of ANTM (America's next top Model) and the Biggest Loser. I love me some weight loss!

It's colder here than I like but I think I'll stop complaining now as we're definitely heading into spring. poor you!